home laser hair removal devices?..

Do they worth a try?.. In comparison with alexandrite professional laser (Candela GentleLase) what result may be expected?


or http://www.sephora.com/flash-go-permanent-hair-removal-set-P377030?skuId=1478999 ?

I hope the links are not forbidden. If so, I do apologize.

I have many clients who have tried the at home devices and have not been pleased, they ended up in my office seeking professional treatments.

These gadgets are not as powerful as the professional devices because they have to be safe enough for anyone to use, the professional devices can cause blindness and third degree burns. The marketers of these gadgets count on people purchasing them and not being bothered to take advantage of the return policy because it is too much trouble.

I suggest saving your money.

These devices are not even lasers, they are low powered flashlamps.

Thank you for pointing that out Hairadicator. I wasn’t quite sure how those gadgets were made and what they consisted of.

They are useless. You can’t compare a $100 trinket to a $50,000 machine.