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Guys, I have ordered the one touch electrolysis, but the replacement tips look suspicious! They aren’t wrapped with anything like a plastic wrap, it must be contaminated with germs now… This is very disappointing

Ok, I’ve been avoiding answering this one. From all accounts the one touch is a basic galvanic machine that works. For that, I try really hard not to talk badly about it, however:

The probes are not sterile. They were never packaged as sterile instruments. They are also about the size of a f6, which will be too large for some finer hair.

This is where I usually tell people if they are serious about doing any diy hair removal, do not bother with the one touch. Buy a used professional unit. They come up for sale all the time in the $400 to $600 range.You will get frustrated with the one touch. Getting a professional grade machine is the best advice I was ever given.


I would by a professional machine from eBay but two thing that I don’t know: the type of machine The best for a beginner, and the place/brand of electrolysis needles

I started with an Apilus machine, specifically a SM-500 which I still use to this day.

From a learners point of view, tha apilus line ( the junior , senior, senior II , Sm-500 , Sx-500 , platinum and platinum pure and I think the X-cell as well) do have an advantage that makes learning a little easier. They have presets which are for each body area and hair type. So for example say you are working on the chin, on course hairs, I could choose a 3 ( chin area) 8 ( course hairs) setting and not have to worry about coming up with the specific energy levels. This is a good advantage if you are first learning. The Silouette Tone VMC has a similar feature I’m not as familiar with it’s uses. Now, like all epilators Apilus has it’s own specific implementation of modulating High Frequency currents, which can work for, or against you. But the presets do give a good “starting point” when you are first learning, though you will still need to learn to adjust the currents from there for best effect.

I have a preference for Ballet brand probes, specifically the gold plated probes. I use mostly , size f3 and F4 but tend to keep several of other sizes in stock ( f5 F6) and f2 I find bend too much on me . I’ve also had really good experience with Sterex staineless one piece probes. I’ve tried Precision brand probes, and absolutely hated them.

I get most of my probes from TES ( Texas electrolysis supply) but I also occasionally order from Dectro becuase TES cant sell Ballet probes to canada for some reason. Neither of these sites is horribly convenient to Germany and you may well find a company in europe to sell you probes with a little research.

TES 's site is located here:
http://texaselectrolysisstore.com/ and Jennifer who works in their sales department and takes care of getting orders shipped, is a spectacular person to work with.Has always answered my questions and concerns perfectly!

I’d keep my eyes out for a Apilus junior or Senior. They often come up for under $1000 on the used market here .


Thank u so much, u guys r the best, if you only now my struggle with excessive hair growth I’m only 20 it took so much away from me I don’t want to let it ruin my life anymore
Day after day I’m thinking more of moving somewhere that I can learn about electrolysis in, as for now I will continue my research, read more and maybe buy a used machine to practice with…

I have a machine and complete course notes for sale!

Okay I realized I was mixing up you and another poster. michigan, not germany :slight_smile: `sorry about that.

here’s a few postings from ontario and quebec .The first one appears to be an apilus senior sold with alot of other aesthetics stuff,:

Here’s a silouette tone ST-250 for $600

a galvanic multi needle setup for $800 ( prolly not good for learning )

I dont know much about this machine its a brand from israel I’m not familiar with, $800:

There’s this Apilus Senior II price not listed:

There’s more for ontario if I go back further, but mostly older equipment.

For Quebec I found the following listings:

an apilus senior for $1100:

An Apilus junior for $1200:

Another Apilus Junior for $300:

An Apilus Senior for $800

and an apilus CLeo for $350

Now these are all in canada, and there is a distinct advantage from buying from your own country, namely, you dont pay tax to import it. So I would suggest looking on places like craigslist in Michigan . But if you find nothing, you may be able to strike a deal to ship it with any of the sellers . From experience, that gets more difficult dealing with people who speak only french. Also I will say there is advantage to being able to pick up a machine, and test it before you buy. No sense buying someone 's broken junk.


Actually I am looking seriously at that one from Israel,it’s looks to be mostly manually controlled currents and perfect for some experimental work I’ve been wanting to try.Does anyone know what the voltage is in israel? Would it be compatible with north american power systems?

Edit: hrm, apparently not, they have 220v.That’s unfortunate.

Well what do u think about the uni probe lite? I heard so many different things about it but it seems to be kinda cheap

I’ve seen them, but have not seen anyone who actually bought them. Precision uses a proprietary probe I have NOT tested either, but I’m not a fan of the f-shank precision probes . It’s not something I’d recommend without a lot more knowledge on the device.


I am willing to save up some money for the apilus brand machine! A used one of course.
Meanwhile I am thinking of attending a cosmetology program, and hopefully I will find a spa or a salon that I can train in or learn from a professional who works in one of those spas.
Even tho I’m kind of discouraged but I don’t want to give up now

By the way, today I was examining the replacement needles of that one touch machine I have ordered and I found that the needle part which is very easy to bend also goes inside of the metal once pushed against a hard surface like a paper, which gives the illusion of insertion!
I believe now that the one touch thingy is all a spam

Hi Dona!

The One Touch can work if you are talented and persistent, but the probes they supply are too thick for many uses. No mater what you should sterilize them using sterile techniques. Here’s one good option for home use:

I am already a hypochondriac I don’t think it’s a great idea to use those needles :frowning:
I’m still looking for an electrolysis course suitable for me! I live in Michigan it’s very hard to find one


I’m going to take this discussion off board. I encourage you to read a DIY article on the one touch I wrote some time ago. I’d encourage you to do join as well so you can provide your own input.The discussion is located here:


Hi there,

I’m in Toronto and I’m looking to buy a used Apilus senior 3G from a Kijiji ad for $3600. The seller is in Quebec. Does that seem like a good price?

Also, does anyone have any creative ways of checking to see if all of the functions are working properly at the time of purchase? I can only think to ask whether I can plug it in and see if the display comes up.

Any help is appreciated, thank you!


I’ve seen the advert. I would count on the probeholders needing replacement before even testing. They are about $70 from dectro for the 13.56 mhz probeholder.
For me , this is on the high end of what I would pay for a 3G but they are excellent machines from all reports and hold their value. I’d stop short of saying it’s overpriced though I’ve seen others in the same price range . If this is a DIY machine, honestly look for something other than a 3G . It’s better suited to professional work and honestly you’re paying more for not a lot more benefit. Used epilators have seen massive price increases i the used market since covid was a thing, probably lots of people doing DIY when there is nothing else available.

As for testing, it takes a working known good probeholder, a ROOM TEMPERATURE egg white, some salt water, and a stainless probe and you are good to go to do a bubble test or a egg white test. If you dont know how, look on the youtube for Josefa Reina and search her channel, you will see it demonstrated for you for a bubble test or egg white test. ALWAYS test an unknown machine before purchasing, and before using on yourself or anyone else.


Thanks so much Seana, I had no idea about the egg white test, I will certainly do that. I will also bring along a new probeholder with me when I go to see a machine before purchasing. Based on your experience, how often do probeholders need to be replaced?

I am looking for DIY purposes, so I’ll look for the older models if they are more suitable since I don’t need super speed and they’ll be cheaper. There was another ad on Kijiji for the original Senior for $1800 which I thought was on the high side for that model as I’ve seen ads for around $750 in the recent past but as you mentioned, maybe the prices have gone way up due to covid. There was also a SX-500 for $2500.

Any thoughts on which of the two machines would be better for my purposes?



Do you guys think this machine is good for beginners and good price?

The Cleo is about the most basic electrolysis machine that Dectro ever made.And it’s quite a bit older now, and not supported anymore. For these reasons while it will do the job, $1100 is probably a teensie bit high for this epilator. As for would it be good for a beginner, I’m not certain as I’ve never used one. bbut it appears simple enough in interface it shouldnt be too much of a problem.