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Recently purchased a One Touch DELUXE Electrolysis kit. The tone is extremely weak, to the point of you have to hold the case up to your ear to hear it. If there’s any noise at all in the room you can’t hear the tone. Many times no tingling is felt, even on power level of 10. Can move to another location and it works fine, but still no tone is heard. Batteries have been replaced, which didn’t help. Also, fingers are damp with salt water, per instructions.
If hair has recently been plucked or waxed, but has approximately 1/8 inch of grouth, will this effect the ability to start current flow? It seems to work better on longer hairs?
I checked the replacement tip and after removing the tip cover the replacement tip isn’t really “snug” in the socket. I’m wondering if the above indications could be caused by loose connection which would not allow for the current to flow?
Does it help to have the skin moist?

I don’t know if the unit is working properly or I just need more time and experience with it.

I used the DELUXE ONE TOUCH for about a year,during that time span I went threw 3. During all the time I used these I never heard the tone but I did remove a great number of hairs,they have not grown back.
When I had to replace the 3rd unit I took a chance and purchased one from ebay ,this is a bit risky as most sold on ebay have been used,but I asked the seller a few questions and took the chance,anyway this ONE TOUCH was not DELUXE (stupid tweezer) and it seems to be made by Carmen.
This one beebs all the time,I like this,it makes me feel like I am making a good connection.

One other thing, I really make my fingers drip with the salt water.

This thing really can work, maybe some one can direct you to a few other people who have used this unit and have had VERY GOOD RESULTS, there are some people on this site who are very good at explaining about it.
This how I first learnt how to use it well,the instructions are not really that good,just too basic.


The One Touch I started with didn’t have a built in tone. There are better methods than getting your fingers wet with salt water (see: www.geocities.com/hairfreethere ).

Definitely you need every connection to be solid.

could all of you help answer me this question? after using it, will there scar or red point? i wonder if there is not, because needle is inserted into the skin, and the skin must become red and have a red point which usually recover after a week. Thanks!