Home device? Is it that unrealistic?

I have thought about it a little, and it seems like a IPL home device would be very practitcal for many people. If you zapped the body parts you want smooth every second week then you would get any regrowing hair while it is still just a thinn almost invisible hair and always be in a shedding state with minimal, thinn and short hair growth - this would be ideal for men atleast. Also you don’t need to shave before treatment, I have had treatments whit only trimmed hair. I don’t know if this would get rid of hair permanently, but even “real” treatments selldom seems to do this, so why not have a device at home and stay as smooth as you can whit existing technology? I realy don’t think that this is such a unrealistic thought.

And also one question, does anyone know how much a IPL device like the Starlux or Medilux from Palomar costs? Is there a site where you can look this up?