I don’t think Andrea even reads the message board anymore. I emailed her a question about the donations and got no reply. I asked her if I had to pay everytime I had a question.

Andrea is simply deluged by emails.
Even I don’t get fast replies from her, and I am a VIP :grin: (That is humor folks)

The answer to your question is that you don’t have to donate each and every time you get a question answered here, however, it would be nice if everyone did get into the habit of sending in a dollar when they did ask a question and have it answered.

Now for Andrea sending emails to you personally, that might be a different story, since it would be very, very hard to ask a question that is not already answered here, or on if one took the time to search it out. In that case, you are paying for her to not only read your email, but take the time assembling the info you need, and sending it back directly to you like a secretary.

I am sure you understand that with the sites being searchable, there should be no reason for this level of one to one effort, and it is impracticle to do (at least for free) given the number of registered members on this site, to say nothing of the unregistered lurkers who nonetheless are here every day reading.

I’ll donate! As soon as I get money, I promise!

I just wanted to know if a topical saw palmetto cream would work and what is up with Dr. Chistiano??

Some say the trials were in fall, some say this winter. It’s almost spring. I know things like this and clearance take time, I just want to know if it is in the near future so I don’t have to shell out mounds of cash for laser treatments.

But thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question. I aprreciate it!

I still read the board, but I have a bit of a backlog because of some other projects. No published data to date on topical saw palmetto or from Christiano. I will continue monitoring both situations.