Anybody ever wonder why Andrea posts the majority of the messages on all the boards. I have to admit. My wife and I have personally met the owners of Rejuvenu as well as the owner of one of the local Skin Sense clinics in our town. We actually own the Super Phaser Gold machine ourselves. I have to tell you - the machine does work but it takes time - a long time.

If you are looking for quick fix - no hair removal method will keep you very happy for long.

Also - I am wondering what the motivation of Andrea on this board. Clearly somebody is funding her hate campaign again the transdermal industry. Is it possible - that the Needle folks are getting a little nervous? Hate to think we had a new method on the market that was actually easier.

I will accept all emails.
Very open to discuss.


Any good lawyer will tell Mr. Cole that a lawsuit would be groundless and would leave him open to a countersuit which I will most assuredly file. I would very much like to get him under oath!