I did go to the endocrinologist because I have too much facial hair and in all my body in general and thought it was because of an hormonal problem but my testosterone levels are normal,
the endo said the hair was because of problems with insulin and my skin type.

Now I have to do a treatment with anti-androgens to prevent more hair growth but this will not make them disappear.

So now my question is; What would be the best way to remove permanently hair laser or electrolysis? I have light skin and dark hair. What do you recommend?. Does anyone know a good center in Australia? Thanks.

if there is a lot of hair and it’s coarse, laser is best. any area where you have a small amount of fine hair, electrolysis is better.

Electro will 100% give you results however it can take a very very long time to remove the hairs up to 2 years for some areas. Because each hair is treated individually and must be treated multiple times. Laser is a little bit touch and go. Each individual has different results. It works best on light skin and dark hair, it is quicker however do not expect complete removal from this, you will have a reduction which then you could finish with electrolysis. where are you in Australia? I know of people who are in Oz and get these procedures done

Hi malie.

In South Australia do you know anyone?