Hirsutism, best hair removal method??

Hi everyone!

I’m 23 yo, i’m of a middle eastern background and I have hirsutism. (i don’t have PCOS) I believe that my hirsutism is idiopathic hirsutism, because my period is regular, though it’s usually painful, especially first and third days, but i think pain during period is pretty common (which of course doesn’t mean that it’s a normal thing). My ovaries are healthy and my testosterone and androgen levels are not above the norm, but are at the high spectrum.

All endocrinologists that saw me said that i have hirsutism, i have coarse dark hair on my face and my chest, and i have dark hair all over my body. I also have acne (mostly on my chin, below nose, upper back).

I know that many people say that it’s impossible to cure hirsutism, but at the same time a lot of women tell stories about how they changed their diet and stuff and their hirsutism is almost gone and is much more manageable.

I know that there are many things I should do if i want to improve my hirsutism (diet, exercise, herbs that reduce male hormones, etc etc) but what to do with the actual hair?

At the moment i pluck/thread my face, pluck/shave my chest hair, and shave arms, legs, bikini area. I’m too embarrassed to go out on the beach or change in front of other women in a changing room, but if i have to i wax my back, stomach, etc.

I’m trying to think of the best way to remove my facial and body hair, there are obviously short term and long term solutions.

I did taster electrolysis session, and oh man, does it hurt! Like i literally thought i will faint. So even if i will consider electrolysis it’ll be only my face (sideburns, chin) and chest.

Laser seems like a good option for bigger body parts, but i’m afraid that i will spend all these money on it but after serious hormonal change (pregnancy for instance) it will all grow back, because laser only reduces hair…

Tria is a more affordable version of laser, but i think it’ll take even longer. Though many people say it actually works.

Then there is waxing/sugaring. Well i can’t use it on my chest, cuz i get crazy irritation there, for the rest of the body i can do sugaring, but it’s so weird being hairless for (in my case) maximum 2 weeks only to be very hairy for the other half of the month…It has some advantages though: it’s not that expensive, not that painful and eventually reduces and thins out the hair (well at least that’s what it does for my oldest sister, she’s pretty hairy too, but she’s been waxing for more than 3 years now)

Another option is rotary epilators. I’ve never tried it, but from the videos i saw on youtube it’s a torture. But i can get used to the pain, i have another concern with epilators. My mother has varicose veins and my oldest sister is starting to get it too, so i guess i have a high chance of having it myself. And i’ve read that epilator can stimulate this kind of stuff…But what i like about epilator is that you don’t have to be super hairy between the treatments.

So considering all the methods listed above, what do you think is the most effective for someone with hirsutism?

Ideally i wouldn’t want to shave my face, i guess it’ll be very traumatic experience for me, but if i have to do it for laser/electrolysis i guess i will…

Please feel free to add any other hair removal methods that might be helpful!

Androcure is a medication for woman who struggle with hirsutism. But you could get sides effects. I suggest you to visit a physician or a specialist in order to speak about medication. You may have to much androgene hormone in your body, wich cause hirsutism.

To get ride off the current hair, of course you can wax, or get a laser treatment. But the most effective way to permanently remove hair is electrolysis. It can hurts, but it also possible to use anesthesia cream.

The areas that have very dense and coarse hair would be great for laser, and would make it easier to finish up with electrolysis. Electrolysis will be great for your face and regions that have finer hair.

Since you’re of middle eastern background, I’m assuming your skin is a bit on the tanner side, meaning you should find a good YAG laser. Look for clinics/dermatologists that have a GentleYAG or GentleMAX laser. Here’s a search you can do from the laser manufacturer’s website (if you’re in the US – not sure about non-US places):


Also Tria sucks. It doesn’t work. Don’t use it

I am only someone doing electrolysis myself so no expert like these guys but If I was you I would get electrolysis for the face and around the nipples if that’s what chest hair you have, I’m currently doing the chin and around nipples I am also considering upper lip as I currently use hair removal creams here once a month and bleach after 2 weeks. For the body I would look into laser hair removal, you do not need to shave the face for electrolysis I hear its better if you leave them along go for clearance and then seek maintenance so people shouldn’t see between treatments, with laser you will need to shave prior to treatments and I feel for area’s like back legs under arms bikini it would just take far too long going for electrolysis that I would definitely do laser. If you can not afford these things like me do the worst facial hair with electrolysis and epilator for legs under arms and wax bikini area. Also do seek medical advise there are testosterone blockers they can proscribe cut down on dairy and red meat and try to buy organic free range where possible and keep weight within a healthy range x These are all tips I have heard and are helping me

It depends, not necessary. If you choose a skilled electrologist, it will be better than laser.

It depends, not necessary. If you choose a skilled electrologist, it will be better than laser. [/quote]

This statement makes no sense. What does “better” mean if they’re both permanently removing hair?

Dear Brenton, I am surprised that you maintain that laser remove permanently hair as electrolysis. That’s wrong.

some reading about it, for you :



Laser just permanently reduce hair growth, that is the difference with electrolysis, who is really permanent hair removal technique.
If you can proove the otherwise, you should write to the FDA to explain your experimentation.

Lase does not permanently remove hair only electrolysis laser reduces hair it will eventually come back be it years later it is not recognized as being a permanently remover only electrolyisis has been labelled as permanent. However on body hair you will see results a lot quicker with Lase and hairs could be gone for years, where as electrolyisis would take longer and cost more on body hair with there being so much but there hair would be gone forever.

If you shave the body, the result is very quick too. I mean, the real result is when hair is permanently removed on the area. (Of course if you want a permanent result, that is the question)

If electrolysis cost more that laser on the body ? some skilled electrologists here already prooved the otherwise.

I didn’t maintain that it does the same. I’m well aware that laser can not remove 100% of the hair (and is the ONLY reason that it is deemed “reduction” instead of “removal” – it’s more legal semantics than anything.) That has been well-established. You still have yet to explain what “better” means. Electrolysis is a MUCH greater time commitment than laser in terms of treatment time. Tell me how when her electrologist is working on her face that she’s going to get reduction on her arms and legs. That’s why I suggest for her to do both. So you need to stop and read what I write before you put words in my mouth.

And no Helen, it will not always “eventually” come back. Give me a time frame then. In 5 years it will all grow back? 10? 20? 50? And laser has been labeled as permanent so I have no idea where you’re getting that false information that it will always grow back and it will never be permanent.

Here you guys go, from the FDA website itself:

“Several manufacturers received FDA permission to claim, “permanent reduction,” NOT “permanent removal” for their lasers. This means that although laser treatments with these devices will permanently reduce the total number of body hairs, they will not result in a permanent removal of all hair. The specific claim granted is “intended to effect stable, long-term, or permanent reduction” through selective targeting of melanin in hair follicles. Permanent hair reduction is defined as the long-term, stable reduction in the number of hairs re-growing after a treatment regime, which may include several sessions.”

If electrolysis cost more that laser on the body ? some skilled electrologists here already prooved the otherwise.

Depends on the area. For legs, generally laser will win out in terms of cost-effectiveness. For underarms and other smaller areas, electrolysis will no doubt win.

Pricing I simply refereed to electrolysis having to take the hairs out individually rather than laser being able to treat more hairs at a time. I’m sure it would take hours to remove hairs from legs back under arms apose to the amount of time this could be done with laser, however like you said its only permanent reduction not removal. I was only offering the questioner what I would do which is laser on body hair and electrolysis on facial and around nipple hair everyone has their own opinion no one should push an opinion on anyone and the questioner will read everything that people have put and go away and hopefully make the right choice for them.

When I read that sentence : “What does “better” mean if they’re both permanently removing hair?” I understand that you wanted to say that laser is permanent hair removal method as electrolysis.
If I misunderstood, I would like you explain me please.

Why I consider electrolysis better ? Simply because electrolysis is 100% permanent :slight_smile:

You right, when an electrologist is doing the face, he or she can not do the legs in the same time. I know that an electrologist is not the reincarnation of the god Shiva.
But the next day, after doing the face, the electrologist can do the legs, that’s a miracle, isn’t-it ?

What do I mean by better? Here’s an example:

That would take 50-70 hours for a first clearance. Let’s assume 50 hours, then 50 x $70/hour = $3500 for a first clearance.

I pay $350 per laser session with leg, so if we follow what I got, he would have ~80% reduction after 6 sessions, each session being 45 mins - 1 hour. So $350 x 6 = $2100.

So in comparison:

Electrolysis: $3500 for first clearance at 50 hours of treatment
Laser: $2100 for 80% reduction in 5-6 hours of treatment

So for this example, yes I would say laser is better. When I mean better, I’m talking about in cost-effectiveness and efficacy.

And Helen, I was not pushing my opinion on you. I was correcting something you stated as factual when it was indeed false. In fact, I agree with your opinion about the areas she should treat with each type of equipment

80% reduction in 5-6 sessions… if only you were right ! Unfortunatly, for only few people your pattern function. For the others, they paid lot of money in laser treatment thinking is permanent (which mean, no new growth), and if they stop the tratment after 10 or more treatment, they get hair almost as before the treatment, after 1 or 2 years. (the lukiest after 5 years).

Because I am not english speaker, it is a little hard to explain what I would like to explain. Sorry about it.

I don’t say laser is not good. I do laser on my beard you know. But the only important thing is to tell people that laser is not 100% permanent, that’s all.

If you just want a reduction, in this case Brenton laser is a good treatment.

if only you were right ! Unfortunatly, for only few people your pattern function

That is true and one of the biggest reasons is because places will not put the power high enough to cause permanent destruction of the follicles. I don’t know of any laser technician who has said that laser will remove 100% of the hair, but I suppose there are some out there who claim it.

It’s also common to use laser to clear out a large bulk of hair, and then finish with electrolysis. That’s my preferred method

Ok, that is clear.

I suppose the 80% comment all comes down to who is doing the treatment just like electrolysis you need a skilled worker to get the best results

I have PCOS and very significant hair on my face, chin, and neck. I’m 48 and for years I have been plucking and shaving. Because the hair grows so quickly, I would have to shave in the morning before work and then late in the afternoon. Shaving my face did lots of damage to my skin. About 2 months ago, after watching some YouTube videos, I bought a rotating epilator. I use the epilator (a Panasonic Wet/Dry) in the shower. It doesn’t get all of the hairs, so I shave after finishing with the epilator. I am THRILLED with the result. My skin is no longer irritated and feels very smooth. I only have to shave a little, and it doesn’t damage the skin at all. I look like a girl again, which feels fantastic. As for the pain, the first time was a little painful, but now it’s not bad at all. There just a slight sting as it plucks the hairs, and with the hot water opening the pores, it’s not bad.

I tried laser hair removal in 2002, and it was very expensive. It required me to let the hair grow, which was nearly impossible as a working professional (dark brown hair and very pale skin - very noticeable). At the end of each laser session, I smelled like burnt flesh, and I had scabs on several hair follicles. At some point, I may try electrolysis or laser (I’m not sure what the difference is), hoping that there have been advancements in the past 12 years.

Best of luck to you. I’m very happy with the epilator.

I’m glad you found a satisfying combo way of removing your hair. In the long run, this will not serve you well, so please start researching electrologists in or near your area and start a special savings fund for electrolysis.

Regarding your laser experience, laser should not be performed on hair that has grown out. You need to shave before the treatment is started so all that good energy is not absorbed by the surface hair. All the thermal action should take place below the skin.