Hirsutism affected queen :(


Is there anybody on this board who has experience/ or information about getting rid of hairs in a females having hirsutism or harmonal imbalance.

If so can anybody explain the steps or procedure I need to follow for getting start off with my treatement??

Would appreciate any input…

Hi Sar 76:

This doesn’t have anything to do with your question regarding Hirsutism, but in one of your posts you inquired about a choice of laser good for “tanned” skin.

I too am Asian. My skin tone is darker than average and even in the winter time, my body looks like it has been in a tanning booth while my face is much lighter in color.

My experience with lasers has been interesting. I did two years of research and found that the CoolGLIDE was good for darker skin tones. I found a spa nearby that advertised having the CoolGLIDE.

I had one treatment with the CoolGLIDE on my legs until a lightening storm fried it (the spa is now out of business and I think the laser was repossessed and not broken as I was told). The one treatment with the CoolGLIDE left my skin bare. No regrowth. My other body parts were treated with the GentleLASE PLUS. Those areas had a lot of regrowth of hair. Plus the second and third treatments with the GentleLASE PLUS left me with hives, red spots, hyperpigmentation (I still see dark round cirles on my skin), and burns.

If you have an olive complexion, I would recommend the Ng:Yag laser and not the alexandrite. I think the GentleLASE PLUS (alexandrite) didn’t work well for me because the laser couldn’t distinguish my skin from my hair because both are nearly the same color. That was only my experience with both lasers.

The new place that I am now patronizing has the Palomar and CoolGLIDE. According to the tech the Palomar has three hand wands and are great for persons who also have extremely dark hair and dark skin, but after my experience with the GentleLASE PLUS, I was hesitant to try the Palomar and chose to stick with the CoolGLIDE.

When I complete all treatments, I will let you know how things go. So far, I’ve had two complete treatments with the CoolGLIDE on my legs. One complete treatment full body with the CoolGLIDE and two complete treatments with the GentleLASE PLUS. Quite confusing. I’m up to treatment number four with two more to go.

I wonder how many follow ups I will have post six complete LHR treatments. Time will tell, I suppose.


PS Prior to getting LHR I tried electroylsis without luck. The tech was losing her reading vision and missed a ton of hairs and I was constantly getting burned with the needle. My skin was also getting hypopigmentation. I saw little white circles around the treated hair follicles.

Hi sar,
just wondered … did you receive the diagnosis from the doctor? Did the doctor prescribe any medication that might help?

From what I’ve read, it seems like it will be difficult to remove hair permanently if someone has a hormone imbalance problem. the hormones will continue to cause new hairs to turn into the darker, thicker hairs.

If you are looking for a place that does LHR, you might want to try the doctor locator at the www. hair removal forum. com


Or you can try contacting some dermatologists in your area. Sometimes they will do this procedure in their offices. If not, they may be able to direct you to a place that does.

Do you know your Fitzpatrick skin type? This will help you decide on what kind of laser would be good for your skin type. http://www.reflectionscenter.com/skin_type.htm

Let us know what you find out. good luck!