Hinkel machine is computerized?

Okay, sorry if I sound like a broken record :smile:
I have been calling different electrologists and two of them claim to use modern, computerized equipment and they both use Hinkel. Should this machine be considered computerized? Like is it as capable as the latest Fisher or Silhouettone models? Please help :fearful: I am looking all around for someone using computerized equipment in CA and it is not looking good.

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Hi Snaffle. Hinkel makes both no computerized and computerized electrolysis machines. You can see Hinkel’s website (www.arhinkel.com) and find out the name of his computerized machine. Then you can recall that two electrologists and ask them if they use that computerized machine. Hinkel makes excelent electrolysis machines. :smile:

Francisca Rodriguez Ubeda
RN and electrologist
Murcia, Spain

I talked with her and she is using the Hinkel UC-2. It claims to be computerized but I can see it has no settings memory or recording ability. I go in for a consultation tomorrow. Finding a good electologist is a lot more work than I expected!

Well, strickly speaking, the UC-2 does have computerization inside regulating the current, but it is the UC-4/Delilah that has the computerized readout, and digital settings. The UC-2 still has the spin dials for guesstimating the settings.

I don’t minimize the fact that finding the electrologist for you IS a hard task. That is why this board exists. Now don’t forget to share your experience, and give a recommendation in the referral section when you find someone who you are comfortable with.