High settings on gentlease?

I think I usually get abotu 16 joules?
But I know i can go a lot higher than that.
I’m going in tomorrow and want to kinda specify what settings I want.

Here’s a pic



I assume you’re using the 18mm spot size, it goes up to 20J max, so basically 18 or 20 are your options. You should be able to handle it, your skin is very light so not a big risk of burning. Just be prepared for them to say no, some clinics are strict by following Candela’s guidelines and refuse to go higher. To some the thought of using the “higest” settings possible is just insane to them, and will say they’ve never put the machine that high before lol. Either way 16 is still pretty good though so even if they refuse you should be fine :slight_smile:

They would need to test your skin. 16J is fine as long as the 18mm spot size is being used.