Hidradenitis suppurativa

How are everyone doing?

I’m interested in finding out, please how electrolysis can help with treating Hidradenitis suppurativa. Do you, (pros) get a chance working with clients with HS, if yes, what sort of challenges did you come across? I’m wondering is it harder to treat a person with this conditin?

Thanks for reading.

I cant say that I’ve ever seen this condition. I will say though that most electrologists I know wont work on broken or inflamed skin, and as this seems to cause such, you’d be hard pressed to find much anecdotal experience as most would avoid treating such areas.

Seana, Thank you very much for replying.
You, pros seems to be so nice and helpful, thank you :blush:
I’m new to the group and trying to tackle so many questions i have about electrolysis.
Would you think laser might be the way forward to deal with HS?

I’m afraid I’m not a laser expert, so I cant answer that question. We have a few of those here however
( Paging Nora!!!) who might have a better answer for you. In general I would think laser folks would use the same precautions we electrologists do however when unknowns such as this occur.