My feelings are pretty negative, so I don’t usually share them. I am disabled and have not been able to keep up with any decent hair removal grooming for the past several years.

It shames me. It stops me from wearing certain clothes. It keeps me inside my home so others do not see me. [size:8pt]It affects my intimate adult times.[/size]

I try to pretend that I don’t really mind it. That I only think I should feel this way about body hair because of some silly societal notion, but it really is not about what others may think. It is what I think about it, I HATE my body hair.

Surgeries removing my reproductive organs and many medications have only made things worse, especially Rx testosterone.

Nobody IRL knows how much this bothers me. In fact, it seems I am the only one bothered by it. Well, I can’t stand it anymore!

I am glad to have found this place to help me as I start my journey to feel better about myself by eliminating my body hair. I also hope to help others as I make my way.

Thanks for sharing your experiences and giving me a place to vent and share mine.

I am newish here, but WELCOME!