Hi Everone,
I am a 46 yr old male and just recently had my first treatment using a soprano xl. I did my full upper torso, back, butt and pubic area. I have read that IPL machines are not very good…But after one month hardly any hair has grown. Idk…but compared to my typical removal, trimming procedure this is a blessing! TRULY!
I only noticed shedding from my underarms. I had pepperspots and slight regrowth the first week after and was told it was ok to shave…since it is very clean?
Am I experiencing good results and can expect continued success, or is this only false hope? My next and second apt is the 29th of January. I dont know the settings…my skin is fairly white, Burn slightly, then tan well. my hair is medium in coarseness and dark brown?
Any imput would be great…I am so excited to be having this done!!!

One month is not enough time to evaluate the efficacy of the IPL. Let us know how things look in about two or three months. Fingers crossed for you, so don’t get too jubilant just yet.

Thank you for the reply…but I was hoping for more feedback? In 2 to 3 months I will have had two more treatments. If I havent seen much regrowth after my first treatment…It is possible to get slammed as treatment prgresses?
Also, Is it true the probable outcome with a soprano machine is not good?
ANY input is helpful.
Thanks, Rich

Sorry I’m confused. You said you had a treatment with Soprano XL then you said you read that IPL’s aren’t that good. While it’s true that IPL isn’t usually as good, Soprano XL is not an IPL it’s a diode laser. So which were you treated with? Either way as long as the hair is dark and coarse you should have full shedding by 2 weeks.

Hmm…I am assuming it was an xl because the tech told me it was relatively new. But she moved the gun across my skin and the light was pulsing. Also she applied a layer of gel…so in retrospect, I believe its my error…

Still sounds like Soprano XL, I don’t believe Alma makes any IPL devices that use the Soprano name.

Soprano XL is a diode laser. In SHR mode it fires very quickly.
There is also a somewhat new Harmony XL which is an IPL. Pretty sure it also has SHR mode which also fires quickly.

To both you would apply gel.

The Soprano XL is much more popular so it’s most likely was a Soprano.