HI :)

would like to say hi to all here.

ive been lurking off an on in the hairtell forums for about 2-3 years irregularly.

i came here probably as most have done, after searching for answers and solutions to something i felt was an important issue for me which was and is har growth.

it has been a significant issue for many years and the cause of so much anguish and anxiety for me, just like many people.

generally i would alternate between pretending it wasnt there and ignoring it, to infrequent searches on the net where id look for new possible options i could try to help that would work for me.

but things progressed and have reached a point where its impossible to ignore as its an obvious daily issue now.

i had suspected PCOS for years, but the hormone tests showed normal levels.after years of persistant nagging ( and i suspect more to shut me up once and for all) one of the docs sent me for a scan.which showed i had cysts on both ovaries in very noticeable sizes.

pleased to have the diagnosis but it didnt produce the results id hoped for which was once the cause was established we would then be able to treat it.

not the case.i had the waxing,shaving,laser electrolysis talk.but the attitude was flippant and i wasnt happy with the way it was appraoched at all.

i reqested vaniqua once i found it was available over herein the UK, and found initial results to be ok.but it also ruined my skin too.black heads and spots,greasey skin etc.but i was prepared to tollerate this if it meant good results.

couple of months down the line from using it my skins poor, and the hair groth has progressed so the cream isnt doing as well as it maybe was initially.

the hair is also more obvious because it does have a habit of making regrowth grow back more coarse than perhaps it was originally.so this may be a factor.but i do also know that the progress of the dark hair growth has increased too.

so vaniqua isnt really worth it for me now in terms of reducing the growth rate.

i have wondered if it may prove usefull still as a tool to make growth coarse?

ive had to bite the bullet and get real now because of the growth rate and ive been looking at both laser and electrolysis.

wasnt happy with the laser primarily because you are not supposed to touch the hair for 4-6 weeks before your treatement begins.which at this stage is an no,no.i cant face that at all.

so by process of elimination ive opted to look closely at electrolysis.

booked a consult appointment tomorrow with someone local and will see what they say and how it fairs.

i had always secretly hoped that the grwth would at some point simply stop progressing and halt.the idea that it would simply expand and continue was too scarey and stressful a concept for me to spend any time thinking about at all.but although i was once told it would stop, i was dubious.ive not seen any info myself to suggest that it will and as this is something which has been going on for years and gradually progressed common sense dictates that its not about to suddenly cease out of the blue.

so felt bite the bullet time was here.sick of looking with dismay in the mirror and noticing more,spending longer plucking,trying to avoid looking into the mirror,keeping my head down,not wanting to go out or mix and being afraid someone will pass comments.

am hopeful this may work.but i suspect its always going to be a work in progress for me,simply because its not a limited growth and is always slowly becoming more prevalent,more hair,more new coarse hairs activated where they didnt used to be.its progressing always.

so i do accept its not likely to produce permanant, results as such in any way.but i suppose what im really hoping for and whishing for is major progress.

ideally reducing growth rate dramatically,and reducing with time the frequancy of visits to tackle regrowth / new growth.

You need to get the book:
The Diet Cure by Julia Ross

It will help you halt your PCOS, and therefore you new hair growth.

If you halt the thickening, and addition of hair, you will finish, and get to a point where you don’t need new work. If you don’t halt the hair producing process, you will need work the rest of your life, although it will be shorter appointments, spread out far apart.

Hi and thankyou for your reply.

have taken your advice and am waiting on a copy of the Diet cure to reach me shortly.

interesting write up on it.quite a number of topics interlinked which are a factor with myself.

thyroid, unstable blood sugar etc.

the first port of call was the raise the possibility with my doctor of deficiency / malnutrition as a cause for various things but this was dismissed as tests that had been taken for the hormones were normal and i wasnt showing as being aneamic.

interested to impliment changes which will halt the spreading of the darker hair.once its stabalised i think i will feel more pro active and less like a victim of my own out of control physiology.

my thanks

Just between you and me, the average doctor doesn’t really know too much about nutrition. Just look at them. Would you trade bodies with most of them?

It is a fact that simple B vitamin deficiency can cause depression, loss of eyebrows, headaches, and a host of other problems, but your doctor never asks you when was the last time you ate a carrot.

The CLA in 30ml of heavy whipping cream can change a person’s mood, but here is a 'script for Prozac instead.

Give the stuff you find in the book a chance, and see if you don’t feel better, look better, and maybe even stop sprouting new hair.