I had laser done two weeks ago, and like everyone said, hair has slowly been ejected out. Now I’ve notived on my legs, long patches of hair growth, like lines… (long lines) and then another long line of hair gone… Both legs have this… (so in other words, I have stripes) what does that mean? Does it mean that a certain line of hair was not effected by the treatment? Or worse… my technician sucks? help.


This striping is common in laser hair removal and a real drawback of the method. That’s one of the reaons you’ll need multiple treatments.

Many consumers get patchy or patterned regrowth from laser. The effect can be minimized sometimes, but it’s going to happen to some degree in a lot of consumers. This trick it to do the treatments close together without overlapping them, which takes a lot of experience.

Talk to your practitioner about this and see what they plan to do about it.


With the Apogee at least, the technicians are trained to overlap the spot 10 percent to reduce striping.

I have never found striping to be a problem but OTOH my technician is very experienced and very good.

If the hair grows back right away that means the tech missed some spots. You have to have multiple treatments anyways and that will take care of it. In the meantime get out the razor and start mowing.