Hey RJC2001, quick question

when you had laser removal done on your chest for the first time, what was the regrowth like? I’ve seen you say you had 50% reduction after one treatment… I could live with even that and be happy.

When it the hair began to regrow, did it come back patchy and looking unnatural, or did it come back somewhat uniform?


Yes, I did have 50% reduction after the first treatment and it WAS permanent. And my first treatment was with the Apogee at 40J. And the hair that grew back was much finer. Maximum regrowth occurred in 2 months. Shaving then took much less time and no problem with stubble.

The regrowth was even also.


Hey there:

Well, it’s been ~two weeks since my first chest/abs treatment, and I’m a little concerned. There seems to be a patchy response, which is probably 'cause of the tech. I hope it’s not too permanent, since I just wanted it reduced, and not wind up looking like I have mange! Abs look pretty good, it’s just the chest over the sternum that’s patchy. Maybe she took it easier there since I’ve read you can get burned over bony areas easier? The tech said I’d probably need two treatments to see a response (she only treated at 24J, which was still REALLY painful, despite EMLA), so that’ll probably even it out.

Anyway, I’m still very happy with back/shoulders after the one LightSheer tx (>2 months). I’m supposed to go in for another treatment next week, but there’s so little regrowth I wonder if I should postpone.