Hey, just got my epilator


Hey Agulila, or anyone else, I just got my epilator, sorry I’m a cheapskate and went for the Satin Ice model hopefully its not a huge piece of well you know, I should’ve "opt"ed for the “optima”…(all puns intended) but I was curious what should I do now. What is the best procedure beginning to finish that I should use for epilating my chest/stomach area?


correction Aguila…



LOL, I guess you might as well use the Satin-ice.
Before you start doing you chest/stomach hair either shave/nair/trim hair to 4mm.
Having you hair longer will temporary hang in the tweezers before pulling.
I would recommend either shaving or nair, so when any hairs start poping up you can remove them at a easier pace and less painful.
Let us know how it works out for you?
If you don’t like the Satin-ice, I believe the company has a 60 day no questions ask return policy, so you can get your money back if you want.


OK well looks like I’ll shave, probably here in the next couple days, just got new job, kinda busy school/work, but I’ll keep ya posted. Yeah 60 day guarantee, but I think it asks for receipt I got mine new but off of EBay from a company that sells electronics goods, I guess we’ll see what happens. Hey I even stopped by The Sharper Image at the mall down here, looked around figured I’d see if they had an optima there, I didn’t see it, but if they had it I probably couldn’t get it right now anyways. Maybe I’ll upgrade, but lets just hope the S.I. works right now or Philips is gonna get an angry letter! j/k



For sure let us know on your progress.
If you did want to return it, you must have some type of receipt that they would accept?
Maybe even the credit card statement might work?


Yeah I’ve got it on the card statement…lets just hope it works good, I think everyone will agree with me on this one, DONT HASSLES SUCK, especially little ones, like reutning stuff, geez. I’ll keep everyone posted.


May I ask about how much you paid for the Satin Ice? I saw it on the net at an overstock site for $19.99.


I paid $27 but I got mine off ebay and about $9 of that was for shipping and handling YEY! So yeah I got ripped pretty bad, yeah overstock supposedly has them for 19.99 when i went there I think they might have been maybe just slightly higher, but they were out of stock and its kinda one of those catch them when they have them deals. They dont actually buy these products from the manufacturer, they purchase them wholesale from warehouses of companys that I guess couldn’t sell them. They werent there when I checked but maybe you might get one there, could take time or not. Anyways I’m gonna go shave my chest, prepare to use mine, see how it works, how long should I let regrowth go before doin???



It might be a good idea to start now.

That way not all %100 of the hairs will be epilated at once.
Then just do daily for a while till you get the timming down.


Ok well i just shaved, went with the grain, of course, to catch it all on the regrowth and keep regrowth at somewhat same length. Geez i did a pretty sh*tty job too to be honest, but i guess that doesnt matter. The hairs are short, I’ll probably epilate here soon this weekend or early next week, hairs should be at a good length for it by then. I’m thinkin it will be best to numb the areas with ice first, is that a good idea?


lol, for the first time on the chest and stomach i’d defenatly ice first.


sweeeeeeeeeet then it is so, ill use ice


umm, you may get ingrowns…lol

i’m really interesting as to how it turned out


sorry still havent done, sooooo busy, new job, training, what have you, class ends soon YEY! but well ive waxed and either get really bad ingrowns or very few depending on type of wax, that crap like nad’s yeah but sugaring wax, generally no prob, few ingrowns, mainly on sternum area.


ok, ok; well i tested it out today, just test of course…and i figured id try on abs b/c this is most sensitive area…and all i have to say is oh my goooodness did it “smart” as the old folks say. we may have to stick to shaving down there, but i also went against the grains oops, oh well dang did it hurt, then tried on chest and this time went with the grain. it hurt bad but nothin i couldnt handle and it worked excellent all of the thick long coarse hairs were pulled out bulb intact, so my initial feelings for the satin ice are good. i was just curious though, theres got to be something out there to numb the skin to do epilation??? it would just make sense that there would be, if not oh well, but if anyone knows inform us, cuz we probably all would appreciate it, especially my abs!



Sure there are many thing to numb you out.
A bottle of Whiskey, roofies etc.

OK, as far as being uncomfortable, the first time is the worst. Hang in there and see how things develope. Yes you do go against the hair and with what’s left at another angle.