Hey Everyone

Hiya, My name is Cheryl and I am 21 years old…With a 5 oclock shadow. and other Unmentionables. When I was 14 I started to get unwanted hair everywhere. I have Sideburns, Chin hair, Neck hair, Lip hair, Chest hair, back hair, Stomach hair…You name it, I have it:( And i went to a few dr when i was younger and all they gave me was estrogen. Didn’t do much. It seems to be getting worse. It makes me feel so depressed. it’s the thing i think about everyday. Cant help it. I have to Shave my face everyday. Sometimes i feel so bad I just want to end my life, which is dumb because its just hair, but you can only take so much. I do not have insurance, nor a job( No one will seem to hire me) I am not sure what I can do anymore. I am about ready to just give up. It is tiring. I just want it gone. I just want to be normal, and beautiful. Sorry if i sound pathetic, i am just so miserable everyday, its no way to live.

Hello, Skittles (Cheryl), I’m sad for you that you have this thing to deal with in you life that seems like there is no way out. I am so sorry that it has created such a horable situation that you have thought about ending your life. Please don’t!!! There are options for you. There are thousand of other people in this forum that have or have had simular problems and have been able to change it. I believe these success storys can be helpful in helping you cope untill you find a solution. You are young and have time to figure this out. I remember a time when I was young that I was literally homeless and had a very bad outlook on life. I thought that I would never have anything, and I was so wrong. I’m glad I didn’t do anything stupid for I too had these thoughts. Please hold on, you will figure this out and someday you will be hair free. I wish I could give you a hug and tell you that it wil all be allright.


Hi Cheryl,

My situation is almost identical to yours, and I struggle with the same feelings, every day. You are not alone! I accept that I will never be hair-free, but I am looking to get a few small areas that bother me most treated with electrolysis. Good luck.


One thing I am sure in this life, is that a person can be free from the hairs do not want, from ALL.

Cheryl, if you have no job and can not pay for another electrologist you do, maintained its yourself. Start with the legs, when you get to face, maybe your luck has changed and what you can afford to make a good professional. Who knows … maybe you become the best electrologist in the world. Best wishes and good luck.


Three things:

[size:14pt]Y[/size]ou must try the doctor thing again. A good medical evaluation is needed. An internal quest is needed to see what may be causing you to grow too much noticeable hair in all the wrong places. No money for a doctor or tests? There are federal programs in the US for the poor. Check it out.

[size:14pt]A[/size]nalyze your diet. A Mediterranean type diet increases our serotonin levels to help with depression. Do your own research on what foods you should be eating in this diet. If you are overweight, gradually bring your weight down, and I’m serious! This will help with your depression issue as well.

[size:14pt]N[/size]o job, no insurance? Someone will hire you if you have good life skills. Showing up for work on time is a biggy. Putting forth good effort to do the job well is another. Being respectful to others in the work environment does not go unnoticed. If you are passionate about something go forth toward what you are passionate about. Appearance is important to many employers whether people agree it should or should not be, so do consider that part.

Depressed people cannot get out of the blue funk phase without a plan to jump start their lives. Pills may help, but trying natural remedies and making lifestyle changes would be preferable first actions. No one can breath or eat for you and the same applies to working towards first steps to change the situation you find yourself in today. It is easy for all of us to show empathy to you, but the bottom line always settles on YOU being the one that has to take responsibility for what your strategies are to get employed, to obtain insurance so you can move forward to correct a physical problem that depresses you. You will get plenty of emotional support, but no one can do anything more for you.

If you decide to make a plan for yourself that relates to getting your internal self on the right path, then it is possible to tackle too much hair. Resolving a hair problem takes sacrifice, time and money. You can’t wish for something like this and no one is going to hand you thousands of dollars to get hair removal. Many people who are successful owe their success to cute little sayings like this: “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” Too much hair depresses the soul and depression is a horrible place to be no matter what the cause. Empathy is good, but practicality and a good plan starts you on a mission that will naturally help with the depression.

I hope my words do not come across as heartless to you. Case after case of people coming to hairtell using words like “depressed”, “no money”, “I wish” never results in anything getting accomplished. Action and taking responsibility for your own life accomplishes great things.