Hey Andrea or RJC2001...

Can I get your opinions on some sites one more time, please? =)

I live in Sacramento, Ca and there doesn’t appear to be a lot of choices for laser hair removal. I was wondering if you could give your opinion on which one of these sites look the most professional?

b[/b] This one doesn’t seem to have a lot of information, but it did have a video of the procedure and it looked very quick and easy:
Laser Esthetica

b[/b]This is the one I asked about before… the plus side is they offer financing, but I don’t know about their laser:

b[/b]This one looks good, but they use a lot of the cheesy hot models on the beach type crap. That makes me think of it like one of those epil-stop commercials, and thats BAD. But their site seems more professional then others, so I don’t know =(

Also a second site for the same place (why they have two sites, I don’t know):

I know that ultimately, I need to call them for consultations. However, I was hoping to get a real outside opinion from someone thats not trying to rip me off. Based on these, which one looks best?

I’ve been considering doing this for around 2 years and I’m finally nearly fed up with this enough to do it.

Once again, thank you Andrea, for starting this site. Its been a godsend.

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ahh… forgot to add that I know the practitioner is probably the most important factor. What should I look for? What kind of background? Can you guys tell by looking at their profiles on these pages?

Ahhhhh so many questions, so few answers! :wink:

If you have dark skin, try the Coolglide Vantage laser. Laser Esthetica is affiliated with the Laserhairremoval.com chain, which has offices all over the US. Many of their locations use the Lightsheer. I’m not clear on which lasers your local office uses.theyonly mentioned the Coolglide. You need to call and ask which ones they use.

If you have light or medium skin find someone with the Lightsheer. I would steer clear of the Candela Gentlelase, from what I’ve heard and read it isn’t as good as the Lightsheer or even the Apogee. One of the other links you listed used the Candela.

You should call the dermatologists and plastic surgeons in your area and find out it any of them use the Lightsheer. Then get a consultation with them and use Andrea’s guidelines for choosing a laser practitioner.

Good luck.


Thanks for the quick response!

I’ve got light skin with dark hair. I’ll see if I can find a Lightsheer one then.

You guys heard of this place? Apparently they are all over the country

Advanced Laser Clinics

They use the Lightsheer laser. They also have online quotes, which is good. For what I want, they are as such:

Laser Hair Removal
Neck (Back)…$155.95
Neck (Front)…$145.95


Is this reasonable? Damn that seems expensive for ONE treatment :frowning:

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Hi AdMan–Several readers have posted their experiences with this chain:





HairTell member vulpes has been keeping a great photo diary of progress from Advanced Laser Clinics:


Thanks a lot Andrea =)

I was able to log in to my original name again too, haha… member number 27 woot!

I’ve got another dilemma now, the only way I’m going to be able to do this, I think, is to finance. Advanced Laser Clinics does not look like it offers this. The other one in my area (Lasersoft) uses an alexandrite laser, and I’m a bit apprehensive about that, but they finance.


I need to hit the lottery

Actually those prices aren’t too bad. My first laser treatment for the chest (and abs) was $700 for two sessions. The charge was the same for the back. Rates for later sessions were much cheaper. My last Lighsheer treament for the back and upper arms (1 hr.) was only $60. That was too good to be true and the doctor caught on to this and raised the rates. I am on a grandfather clause (existing patient) so I still get a discount. The minimum treatment would probably be around $100 for a 1 hr session.

Can’t you just pay for the treatments as you get each one? Or are they insisting on all the money up front? I just paid for each treatment individually. I thought that was common practice but that may vary a lot.


Thanks again for the response, RJC. Actually, I haven’t called them yet, but I’m fairly sure I can just pay per treatment.

Whats bothering me is I’d like very much to get shoulders and everything done all at once, but I know I cannot afford all of that. Especially multiple treatments.

Its a shame things like this cost so much… it makes it unreachable for a lot of people.

Hey Ad-man,

Yes Advanced Laser Clinics do offer financing and i think its like 10.99% intrest rate for 24 months for a small amount and if its a big amount they do allow the terms and rates to vary.

Here is the url of who they go through:


One thing though their credit crieteria is very strict and i didnt get approved but if you dont get approved ask advanced laser clincs to make a deal with you maybe depending on how you work it out they might work with you. They did here in CA.

Also be sure to mention that you saw or book on line and they take 5% off down here in CA.

Now the 5% is either off the package or first treatment depending on which way you go.

The one thing nice though is if you do the package you only pay for 4 and the 5th one is free and then you also get there 2 year guarantee if you follow directions exactly.

But hey whatever works for you go for it I mean dont go broke just for looks

I also do recommend them so far as my results have been good!

Anyway hope that helps let me know if you have any other questions.

heya Biker - thanks for the info! If their credit requirements are strict then I’m in trouble lol.

I also live in California (sacramento) so I think I’ll call and setup a consultation. Hopefully they can work with me somehow.

I’ve been insanely self conscious about this, lately… time to check them out.