here's my dilemma, need a epilator that will pluck out some male leg hairs...

i need one that won’t make my legs look shavin,

i really don’t want shavin legs, lol… i’m male and want my leg hairs,

but i don’t want as many,

I’d like somethin to run over my legs to thin out the hair, not make them look cut, but thinned ya know

an epilator that doesnt work all that good would do the trick right?
any recommendations? would it remove all the hair? like i said i need one that doesn’t work all that well right?


JUST bought A Philips Satin Ice Epilator – $19.98 + $2.95 s/h @ Overstock

SO hope THAT works

An epilator that doesn’t work well is just going to not work well–and it’s likely to be extra-painful and possibly dangerous in the process. At the very least, you’re probably just going to end up with a lot of hairs broken off near the surface, and some pulled from the root.

Short of doing after them with tweezers individually, there’s no good way to remove some hairs without removing others nearby, as far as I know.

If you can cope with temporary hairlesness you might want to try waxing.

I waxed my legs to get the same result you want. I’d heard waxing makes the hair grow back finer so I decided to give it a try. And it worked! My leg hair is about half as thick as it once was and looks pretty natural.

It took about a month to grow back which isn’t that long, really. If people ask just tell them you’ve taken up cycling! :smile:

If you do decide to try waxing, be warned - it is extremely painful on long leg hair. You might want to trim it down a bit first.

Good luck!

I also wax and it does thin out the hair. I’m not sure if the thickness of the hair shaft changes, but the number of hairs per sqaure inch is reduced. And when the reduction of hair is followed-up with trimming, it makes for a real nice look. When the hair grows back, try trimming it to about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch…You’ll see what I mean.

And don’t be afraid to take your legs smooth. Smooth legs look good on men too. I go smooth and I get compliments from the ladies all the time.

I think electrolysis is your best bet if you want to individually remove hairs. It’s better than tweezing, because you won’t have to tweeze the same hair ever again. :smile:

It’s hard to thin hair with a rotary epilator and get it looking even. They are better for clearing an area. If you do smooth single passes at the same speed and direction, you might get a decent thinning.

ye andrea, that’s what i been doing and it works to my standards.

personally I like it better than trimming as it looks way more natural to me.