Hereditary, not hormonal - Can I take something?


I have a lot of hair all over my body, significantly more than any female I know. I have always had this problem. Last yr I went to a doctor to ask if I could take medication for it. After a blood test, she concluded that this was not a hormonal problem and suggested laser treatments. But the laser practitioner said she wouldnt be able to take care of it because of the hair type and amount.

I am still interested in oral medication and I am considering seeking another opinion. My question is, if it is not a hormonal problem, is there any medication I can take that would help anyway? I am extremely desperate. Would be willing to try anything and deal with side effects.

Thank you for your help! :smile:

Hi Chloe… There is a little known condition that involves an enzyme called “5-alpha reductase” and another called “21-hydroxylase”. This is used by the body for converting one hormone to another. A problem with this conversion can cause a lot of very fine fuzz-like hair to grow all over the body. It can be treated with pills but only an endocrinologist knows (or cares) much about this condition. There are a few other enzymes that do similar things and they can be treated with medication.

A female Endocrinologist would be more empathic towards you and knows about these problems.

I just had an appointment with an endo…i’m going to take abattery of blood tests…this is what the prescription reads:
labs testosteron total and free
fasting lipids
free ty
comprehensive metabolic profile
17 OH progesterone

(these are the ones i can read)
are any of these the test that you suggested?