Hemoglobin and laser

Hi folks,

Moving closer to my lightsheer appointment in a couple weeks…

Searchng through the posts on this board, I found one which said that the compression with lightsheer forces blood out of the area so the hemoglobin does not absorb the laser energy.

This made me wonder if there are dangers associated with hemoglobin and laser? I tried doing a google search but just came up with lasers being used to destroy spider veins…


Depending on the wavelength being used hemoglobin does not absorb laser as much as dark hair does. However it can interfere or block some of the laser beam because it is relatively dark in color too.

There is a graph on one of the laser manufacturer’s sites showing the relative abosorption of the different laser wavelenghts for melanin, hemoglobin, etc. I believe it was on the Iridex site but I am not totally sure. Check it out at www.iridex.com. Their Apex 800 diode laser is similar to the Lightsheer.