HELPP PLEASE! regrowth.....

hi everyone,
Ive have 2 laser hair removal sessions so far with the candela ndyag, my 3rd session is feb 11th but a lot of the hair has grown back??? is this normal shall I get my 3rd treatment done sooner?
also I have a lot of ingrowing hair how shall I get rid of those?
and sorry last thing I have a lot of pigmentation and my legs kind of look tanned since ive been getting the treatment is this normal will they go back to normal?
if someone could help me please I would be so grateful as im really feeling down about this.
thanks in advance

Yes it happen to me, only on my chin. Laser as I know it now its just a reduction. the hair will come back and may possibly stimulate more growth especially for women of color. I’m doing electrolysis now. Its not an overnight thing depending on how much hair you have, but it works. The professionals here really helped me and I’m sure they will give you good sound advice!

ive only been getting LHR on my lower legs under arms full bikini and lower arms.
I get really itchy after my laser hair sessions aswell

Ohhh ok. I’m not too sure about the itchiness. Maybe apply with hazel to it & pure aloe?