I’m a male with tan skin and dark hair. I’d like to have the hair on my legs and butt removed, what is the most permanent option?

A combination of laser and electrolysis may help you get going faster. Many people have done laser first on large areas and have a certain percentage of reduction that is acceptable enough to make them very happy. Some hair that laser doesn’t affect permanently may return finer and lighter. You may want to stop there. Some clients do not respond to laser for some reason. Variables, such as practioner skill, type of laser used, power used and client compliance can affect success. If you want TOTALLY SMOOTH permanent hair removal, then you can enter the world of electrolysis and wipe those remaining hairs out for good.

Electrolysis works on all skin and hair colors. There are different lasers for different skin and hair colors. The long pulsed ND:Yag laser sounds like the one for you. The laser experts out there will have to jump in and expand on laser basics. If you opt for electrolysis for such a large area, find a practioner that can remove hair at a fast, effective rate and stick to the series of sessions that will be required over several months.


Leg work done in thermolysis goes faster than the face.

It may be difficult to find an electrologist willing to do work on the rear end, but if you do find one, that person will have to deal with the different angles and special challenges posed by that type of work, and that will make the clearance time run slower per square unit of space than the leg hairs.

The bottom line is that yes, Electrolysis can clear it, if you find the right practitioner, with the right speed, and you go on a good schedule allowing first clearance in the shortest amount of time, and then clear it all out each and every time you go thereafter.