i have had about 10 hours of electrolysis using the blend method on my bikini line and it is taking a long time to show any effect :frowning: . i have read that electrolysis thins the hairs. is this right because my electroligist doesnt agree, she says that a percentage of the hairs just dont grow back. i have spent alot of hard earned cash on this treatment and it looks like i will have to spend a lot more. how long do you think it will take to clear the whole area? maybe someone knows from past experience? if anyone could give me a rough estimate i would be very greatful. thanks so much

Electrolysis is permanent hair removal for about 7 out of 10 hairs treated if done correctly. The other hairs are in various states of shedding and those are the ones that come back thinner. The rest should be gone, and gone for good.

What you need is to get to the point where you get a first clearance of the entire area you want to bare as quickly as possible. That is how you will be able to get to the point where you have fewer appointments spaced farther apart.

Not being able to see you, I can’t say how long it would take to clear you. It has to do with how many hairs per square inch you have, what setting is needed to treat the hairs you have (which has to do with the thickness, and the depth of the follicles) and finally, the speed at which your electrologist can work in the modality of her choice.

If you could put together 12 hours in one month in blend, you should be able to get the first clearance that will allow you to step down from once a week appointments to having a break of up to 3 months before you go for second clearance. But I base this on my own work, and my machines. I can not say what your local practitioner can do with her equipment.

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thanks so much for your help, its exactly what i needed :smile: