hi, im new to this, i dont really know how it works, it took me ages to find how to send a message so i hope its to the right people. Im just an average guy only im quite skinny and really really hairy! i just wana get rid of it i dunno it mite be genetic or someting but wot do i do!!! help! :fearful:


Hi me-

If you take a look at Hair Reoval Methods forums, you’ll see info about all the ways avaialble.

You might also check out the pages below for a primer:

Hairfacts: hair removal methods

Hairfacts: choosing a method

Hairfacts: hair removal comparison charts


help me please.
i have chest hair. its not thick, its thin, but its LONG, i have no hair on my belly (except baby hair) i have fair complexion lite brown hair. i really don’t understand how this happen no one in my family has this problem, and whats really weird is my older brother has more hair under his arms than i do. but the hair on my chest is moving up to my neck and shoulders and its all LONG. i dont have sensitive skin, i dont bruise or scar, i have no hair on my back or shoulders YET. my chest hair seems to grow in spurts for some reason. if you look at me from a distance you would assume that i have “average chest hair” but if you got up close you would see that is long and its starting to stick out the tops of my tshirts, i had to give up wearing tanktops about 2 years. im healthy, probably in the best health of my life, 23 years old i dont smoke or drink on a routine basis. please help me i have the same problem on my legs , but for some reason my right leg at the bottom (the calf area) around the ankle I actually seem to be LOSING HAIR, i have a bald spot that wasn’t there before. Am i some genetic freak??!! my entire family mother, father, brother, uncles, cousins, none of them are even remotely on the hairy side.
can anyone help me find a confidental place in louisiana A SAFE PLACE. please help me!
what questions do i ask, what machines and techniques??PLEASE HELP! the hair is spreading.


Hi Joey–

We’ll see what we can do.

You might consider waxing it if a temporary option is OK.

If you want it gone for good, and it’s light and thin, your best bet is probably electrolysis.

Keep in mind that it’s likely that you will get new hairs in this area as you get older, even if you permanently destroy the ones you see now. I know that sucks, but that’s the likelihood. Luckily, if you get them as they come in, the are much eaiser to kill. You might have to go every month or two once you have it under control.

Finding a good practitioner can be tricky.

I recommend starting your search at the American Electrology Association site. It’s no guarantee they’re good, but it increases the chances:

AEA: Member Directory

I am not a big fan of the SCMHR leadership (they put their own financial interests before the consumer’s interests, if you ask me), but they do have a few members who are skilled.

SCMHR: Members directory


I need to know were to look for laser hair removal in Indiana USA.

Please help me

Paloma :stuck_out_tongue:


Paloma, that’s a big area-- north, south, or central?