I have coarse dark hairs on my chin. I really want to find a way to get rid of them. I don’t have the money for electrolosys or laser, so I know I won’t find anything permanant, but I need something. When I shave I get the dreaded “shadow”. I dont want to let them grow long enough to wax them and bleaching them wouldn’t take care of the whole problem because they are course. I was thinking about getting the Igia Forever Gone Plus. I keep on seeing it written that this doesn’t take hair away permantly, but does it work for at least a while? A week, a few days, something? Can someone suggest some options?

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Hi, Helpme~ I get those dark hairs on my chin as well. I just tweeze them. I know you’re looking for a more permenant solution, though. Don’t buy the product from IGIA. I bought it and it didn’t work AT ALL. I ended up throwing it away after numerous uses. It NEVER worked. I did buy the ONE TOUCH deluxe home electrolysis kit and it did work. The hair that I treated never came back. It takes a little practice but the results were real good. You can get it at either a beauty supply store and they also sell them at Walgreens. Shop around. Good luck.

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To get rid of the ‘obvious’ look, you have to remove them physically. You know about the shadow, so without the root, you will be much happier…

Your options, besides electrolysis are:

-> Waxing

-> epilation

-> tweezing

There are no chemicals that will do the job to a satisfactory standard, if they even work at all…

You do not mention how many or few hairs, but if you want a solution now, today, in your own home, then apply a warm face washer to the affect area for a few minutes, then get to tweezing…, apply the flannel from time to time, to keep the warmth and hydration from the face washer up to the pores, it will help to release them easier…

Once you get ‘clearance’ (sorry to borrow that term from the electrologists), then you will be able to keep on top of them with just a minute a day to grab those that are above the surface… don’t dig them out…

The area sounds like a relatively easy job for a good electro… you may be surprised at what little time and cost you may have to invest to be free permanently…

Good luck,


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I have alot of them. IT seems like it would take forever to tweeze them. The forever gone didn’t even take the hairs away for a few days? I read about the One Touch, but some of the things I read made me nervous to attempt this on my face. Winter- Did you do it to yourself on your face, or did someone help you? Did it hurt?

IHH- How much do you think it would cost to do electo on the entire chin area?

Thanks so much for your responses. :smile:

The One Touch is a thin thread-like needle you insert under the hair and it penetrates the skin and follows into the root. When you are doing it right, you will feel a sting. I didn’t feel it was painful but you do feel a slight sensation.

I didn’t have anyone help me but you are going to find hair that you can’t see well enough to do it yourself. You will probably want help in that situation.

I liked this product because it was available to me 24/7. I would see a hair and I would zap it. I didn’t get all of the hair but I got the ones that really bugged me- and for me, any progress is progress in this long journey.

Let’s face it. Nothing is going to work like a good electrolysist. But I too am on a limited budget and can not find a good electrolysist in this area and so we continue to do what we have to do. Experiment. It is time consuming. I know what a pain it is to have such a problem.

I will say it is battery operated and for some reason, the machine would work real well for a couple of months and then it seemed to have shorted out. I bought 3 machines total in about a 5 year period. I think I paid $30 each one. I wouldn’t have bought them if they wouldn’t have worked, though. This may not be the case with you. It could have been I bought bad machines but for 30 bucks it was a lot less expensive then paying for treatments. You do have to be careful with the needles, though. They’re fragile.

ps. I paid $60 for the Finally Free - not even one hair.

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Sorry help me, no-one can guess the cost of electro, not without seeing the hair density… It really is a simple enough job (not to be-little it in anyway) but I understand the constraints you are under - if you felt confident, you could work on the problem yourself with a one-touch, but you will be working in front of a mirror… you may get some idea of what is involved by looking in the home electro forum…

Good luck,


Thanks for your responses guys. I really appreciate it. Winter, I am thinking maybe I will try the One Touch to see if it helps. Does it leave any scarring or redness? I am still a little apprehensive about using it on my face, but I am at the point will I try anything.

Hi, Help Me~ I’m glad we could be of some help. As David stated in an earlier post, go to the- do it yourself electrolysis-post on this site. There are others on this site who have experience with the One Touch.

The only effect I experienced was that sometimes I would get a scab where I had inserted the needle. It didn’t scar. I just treated it with a little alcohol and later with moisturizer. Good luck.

I know how frustrating this problem is. I don’t want to sound like an expert, because I’m not. I’m sure there are others here who are much more educated in this problem then myself. I can only tell you what has worked for me on a budget. We continue to search for a solution. :smile:

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