I have pcos and have suffered from excessive hair growth since I was 13 years old. It’s been a constant struggle and embarrasment. For years I used to wax my face but then the hair started coming back coarser and thicker. For the past 2 years or I have switch to using creams (depilatories). God knows I have gotten a burn each and every time on my face and even after getting the burn the hair isnt removed. I was on aldactone for about 2 years but my hormone blood levels were actually higher than i first began. A few months ago I was put on the new birrth control pill yasmin but i havent seen any results. I;ve given up on my obgyn and any hope of improvement. If i let all the hair grow out on my face and neck I would be as hairy as a man on my face. My body is the same story. I am afraid to enter into relationships because of the embarrasment of hair…but more saddening is the prospect that I will never have the opportunity to be in one because almost all guys are disgusted at the amount of hair i have .you name the place I have hair…and a lot of it. I had 4 laser treatments on my face using the cool glide laser system… i saw a slight improvement in the beginning but now things seems to be as they were when I first started. I dont really know what I am asking but if anyone h as any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them. I had to stop the laser treatments cause i couldnt afford them and I am thinking of starting them again once I have some money saved up. I recently moved to toledo ohio and I was wondering if anyone can recommend anyone who gives laser treatment here or nearby.
I really wish there was a way to get rid of the hair…my breasts my stomach my back…i am disgusted with myself…there is nothing i can do…wax, shave creams…that makes the areas less noticeable. It’s s bad that i can’t wear V-neck shirts or shirts that dont fit right to my neck because I run the risk of people seeing the stubble and bumps from all the chest hair…it’s hard enough just dealing with the face. it’s such an embarrasment… …it’s been an uphill battle all my life. It doesnt look like there is a solution to this…but if anyone can offer some suggestions I would be greatful. Please feel free to email me. best wishes to all of you.

I would recommend finding a specialist in your area recommended by women on or the other support sites. once you get your PCOS under control, you will find that hair removal done by a good practitioner will have dramatic results. If you need any help with resources, let us know!

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