hi could anyone help me i have just got hold of a sterex sx-t epilators , i did have a one touch
a long time ago. and found it to be very good but a bit slow so i got this pro epilators, i have had some work done on my legs by a pro with the same type of machine i am looking for a good book or some addvise on how to use it or a web site with some help on how to use it can anyone help me out here :confused:


In my humble opinion the best book on electrolysis is “The Blend Method” by Mike Bono. Don’t let the title fool you, it actually teaches galvanic, thermolysis and the blend. It has to, since the blend is galvanic and thermolysis joined together!
If you can’t get this book in your area Cosmetic and Medical Electrolysis by Meharg and Richards is the next best thing.
You can order these books from or from the book store at

Just remember, the best thing for do-it-yourselfers is to get a partner, and Do-It-For-Each-Other instead.


hi thanks for that i will have a look and get one, do you know of any web site that tell you how to use this type of epilator its a thermolysis/diathermy one