Hey everyone, I’m new to the forums but I have a question. I know this question has been asked countless times, but I believe that with each person the answer would be a little different. I’m a guy, young, 17, and I have really dark hair. Strangest thing cause when I was little it was bleach blonde. But I had really hairly legs and the hair on the arms was developing quite rapidly. So, since I didn’t like it, I decided to get rid of it. I tried shaving and hated it. It grew back too fast, it hurt, and it grew thicker and since I have light skin you could tell quite easily that I shaved. Next came waxing (with the no-heat wax). Thats been the best bet so far, however the hair still comes back fairly quick, like in a week or so, and those kits are getting expensive. Plus now it seems like the hair is breaking off and not completely coming out by the root. Now what should I do. Can’t do laser, way too expensive for my age and budget. Is there a really good wax for men, or a better way to do it? Please reply. And another question, if I wanted to perhaps bleach it to make it lighter and less noticable, what should I use? Is there a certain kind for bodily hair. Thanks so much, for replies!!!


Xion: What areas are you trying to get rid of the hair from? If the under arms or pubic areas are involved I would suggest electrolysis;especially if money is a problem. You can schedule as little as 15 minute sessions whenever you want and before long(even though you drag it out over many months or even years) you finally are rid of the problem for ever. If you are concerned with legs arms or chest you are probably best served shaving or waxing until you can afford laser.


If it’s arms and legs, I recommend a rotary epilator. With practice, you can reduce the number of hairs that break off.


Thanks for both replies. Now two more questions, how much and where can I get rotary eplilators? Is there a site you can direct me to? Thanks much.


There’s some discussion of this in the Rotary Epilator forum. You might also look at, which is overall a pretty good company, although they do sell a couple of unproven products.