ok, lets face it, i am one hairy guy!! my mom says that men are supposed to be packed with hair, but i refuse to live my life wearing my own personal sweater. i tried shaving my legs with very little success. they swelled up from the razor burn. i’ve tried plucking the hairs on my legs and although it doesnt hurt, it seems like too much work to just have them come back in a few days. i was looking at the one touch system on this site and it seems like i could pull it off. and speaking of “off”, the hair-off-mitten also looks like it might work for me. i know where to get the one touch system, but i have no idea where i can buy a hair mitten!! can i get it at wal-mart or sally’s beauties supplies? please help me…

I think Wal-Mart has those Hair Off mittens. I never tried them myself.
Have you tried a top quality razor like a Mach 3?

A good electric like a Braun Synchro is worth considering. Almost like a Mach 3 and maybe as good as other blades. Less likely to cause ingrown hairs and irritation.

Have you considered laser? It is the best method if you have dark
hair/light skin and can afford it.

I agree with you about not putting up with the hair sweater feeling. Those with little or no hair do not understand how uncomfortable it is!

If you stick with shaving eventually your skin will adapt to it.

Good luck.



 I have to agree with RJC2001 regarding the Mach 3 Turbo razor.  He turned me on to it a few weeks ago and I have to tell you that I haven't ever used a razor like it before.  I always thought that all razors were the same; I was wrong.  You might also want to consider getting some barber-style hair clippers and simply trimming down your leg hair.  You would be surprised in the difference of how much leg hair you appear to have and it also leaves you with a nice, natural, non-stubble appearance.
  • Joshua

I want to underscore something RJC2001 said-- when you start using any new razor it takes your skin time to get used to it. After a few weeks, you will find a good razor gets even better, so definitely give a new razor a chance.