hehehhe, hey guyz… well, i’ve been doing a lot of reading… i’ve been really patient with everything, i really enjoyed reading all the topics on here, i learned alot… for the last little while, i’ve been looking for forums, and people to chat with, so i can really get some information on this stuff… this certainly is the place :smile:

Thanks for the kind words, Preacher!

Unfortunately, painless and permanent do not coexist in the world of hair removal. The part of the hair follicle that has to be destroyed to stop growth is surrounded by a cluster of nerves. That’s why even something simple like plucking hurts so much. I even put up a photo on my site:

Hairfacts: Follicle nerve photo

There is nothing on the market at this time that can destroy a hair root when applied topically. Kalo and the like make all sorts of claims that they can, but these claims have not been demonstrated under controlled clinical conditions.

For more on this, check out the Nonprescription Topical forum.

heh… i c, i c… well, it really makes sense… thx for the site, i’ve book marked it :smile:

Waxing might hurt on sensitive areas, but it’s not too bad on the back and shoulders. At worst, it feels like someone quickly pulling off a giant Band-Aid.

You should probably have your girlfriend do it for you, since it’s hard to do your own back.

You might consider waxing with a pro once first to see/feel how they do it.

As far as home brands, the kits with a little jar you heat up are pretty good, but I personally like the kind with squeezable rectangular cartridges you put in a warmer.