Help with Shaving

I’m desparate for some advice regarding shaving. I have very dark coarse hair on my legs and in particular bikini area. I’ve tried waxing for a couple of years but couldn’t cope with the ingrown hairs - my legs and bikini line looked good for about a week but then as the hairs started pushing through - I got loads of lumps and bumps and ingrown hairs - all over!! I’ve tried using an epilator but the bumps were even worse with that.

I decided that I couldn’t cope with the waxing anymore and went back to shaving. My lower legs look fine (a bit prickly but at least they’re not spotty). I have to shave every second day and use a pumice stone inbetween which seems to be helping but my thighs and bikini area look awful. After I shave it goes red and ‘dotty’ and then by the next day the hairs seem to have pushed through or made bumps and I always get ingrowns. I also itch quite badly on the back of my thighs and get little red bumps there. Even though I avoid scratching the hairs push against the skin and make these horrible red bumps!

I’m going on holiday to a really hot place for a month in December and I’m panicing. I would love to wear a bikini. I can’t afford laser treatment and time is running out.

I need a miracle!!

Please can anyone offer some advice - I’ll try anything now.
Does anybody know whether this ‘shaver’ does was it says it does?

Hello Dyson

My only advise is not to wax or pluck leg hairs out given your skin sensitivity. Try using an electric razor daily and leave your skin dry at first. Mornings are best for this. Wear shorts as much as possible while you try this as bumps and red spots etc. are aggravated by long pants and particularly jeans.

If the climate is very dry and your skin peels after shaving then try using a hypoallergenic cream in moderation after shaving in the morning. Your skin will adjust in about 2 to 3 weeks and the bumps should dissapear on your upper legs. This is not uncommen as the upper legs have softer skin and are more susceptable to ingrown hairs than the lower legs. You will find the inner thighs or “bikini area” the most problamatic, but as before try to keep the skin dry first and don’t wax or pluck there, just try an electric razor, and don’t press hard with it.

Within 2 to 3 weeks you won’t feel any prickly sensation on your legs as the skin gets used to the razor and also being smooth.


Hi Stuart,

Thanks for the advice. I hadn’t thought about the long pants issue but living in North Yorkshire kind of rules out the shorts thing! Are you from South Africa by any chance??

Hello Stuart,

Fellow South African! I just checked by clicking on your name - didn’t realize that you could do that. (By the way it was the word ‘long pants’ that made me ask).

And it says so underneath our name - D’uh - I didn’t even notice! Long pant!

Hi Dyson

Yes I am an SA guy. Yorkshore does present a problem with wearing shorts - not warm right now. At home you might want to shave at night when you have the benefit of A/C. As you know we are in summer know and “long pant” is not popular. My best advice at this stage is try to avoid chafing on your legs - long pants cause this. Jeans are the worst for this. Try Chinos or a nylon product. Your skin will get used to shaving, but only if you keep up. 2 too 3 weeks is normal. You won’t have any trouble after some time - skin is an organ (our largest) and needs some time to feel normal with shaving. Hope you are enjoying time abroad.


Hi Dyson

Sorry about my bad spelling. I am sure our American friends are going to love the “long pant” part. If need I can always post the audio file for download…

Andrea can let me know if this is O.K.


Thanks Stuart,
So what you are saying is that in particular “a jean pant” is not suitable! Ha ha ha - sorry couldn’t resist that!

Chino’s? I’m female - not one that goes for the chino look or puts a fag box in her sleeve - ha ha! It’s hard to avoid wearing a “warm pant” here. I’ll try using an electric razor on my bikini line for a while. It doesn’t give you a very close shave but it seems to be a lot less irratating! It’s actually a man’s small foil top battery operated razor which had never been used before and only works on very short stubble. Not sure whether it will work but will give it a week or two and then let you know what happens.