Help with settings

I am going in for treatment next week and they are using an Apogee Elite machine. Prices are very reasonable and it seems to be a good machine.

My question is about the settings. I am type II skin with light brown hair. I am having my back done. The tech did a test at 23 joules and I felt very little pain. I am concerned that she will use too low of a setting. I also read something about compression. On the test, she did not compress the tip on the skin much at all. I’d like to be prepared as possible before I go in. Can the spot size on the machine be adjusted?

Any suggestions on settings?


Compression with Apogee is not necessary. That’s for LightSheer diode machine. 23 joules is kind of low for type II skin with light hair. Since you have light hair, I wouldn’t pay for a full treatment right away. Do a few test spots first at various settings and see if your hair has enough pigment for laser first. I would try 25, 30, 35 joules to start for the spot tests. Wait 2-3 weeks, and see if hair sheds etc. If it does, then you can go with treating your entire back at whatever highest setting was that didn’t burn your skin.

LAGirl - you rock!