HELP... which laser???

please can someone tell me if they have been treated with any of the following lasers:
laser scope lyra (nd yag)
candela gentlemax (nd yag)
cynosure elite (nd yag)

also if anyone has any knowledge on the lasers mentioned above please could you tell me which is the best in terms of long lasting results.

and anyone one been treated with this over 6months ago how is the hair doing now, grown back or not?

would be soo grateful if anyone can help me it will be sooo helpful
many thanks in advance


I don’t know anything about the lyra, but the gentlemax and cynosure elite are good lasers. Long lasting results isn’t so much the brand of laser used but rather the type of laser (yag in your case) and the settings used. I love the gentlemax, but at weak settings, it doesn’t matter how much I love it… it won’t give results.

many thanks for your reply I had a test patch with cynosure yag and i got a reaction now the clinic are saying they will use lower setting and il need more sessions does tht means i wont get any results? :frowning:

What sort of reaction? The skin should react and look sunburned after laser. If it’s more like a blister, then yes they need to use lower settings. Anytime a clinic says they are going to lower the settings, I’m very hesistant, but it also depends on what the lower settings are

Lyra typically has a tiny spot size and should not be used for hair removal by anyone experienced.