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I can use up to 5000 Us on a product who can give me permanent hair removal?

I dont think of needle method because its to difficult i think. I thought Laser or transdermal hair removal. Seen many clinics using it and its cheep also ive heard. Any tip of products. ?,

Please help me!

So called Transdermal is a scam. LASER won’t give you total clearance.

If you have $5,000US to spend, you can get a pro set up, and all the books and tapes you would need to teach you and a friend to do this for each other.

If you don’t have a body full of unwanted hair, $5,000US is also enough to clear out most hair problems. Many would have lots of change left over with a $5,000 budget at a professional electrologist’s office.

Read James’ post it is right on target !!

Transdermal is definitely a scam. If you have light skin and dark hair, you may have some benefit from laser, but it is unlikely you will have the result you expect (permanent hair removal). Many consumers see a permanent hair reduction of one-third to two-thirds, but not complete removal that’s permanent.

Using a laser at home is dangerous and illegal in some places. If you want to buy a professional laser to use at home, which I do not recommend, they are available on auction sites like eBay starting at US$5000. Anything lower than that is a scam that won’t work.

Again, this is dangerous and not recommended. Spenmd your money getting professional treatments from an experienced practitioner with approved equipment.