!!HELP--so many options, but what works?!!

Hey all, I’m wanting to purchase an at home kit for hair removal. I know electrolys…i know i know, spelling is wrotten–is the forefront ifn removal. I’ve got about 1000 dollars to put into this machine, and I can’t afford to get one that wont work. I know that alot of it will depend on me, but i’m sure you understand my worries. One machine I found is http://www.cybavilla.com/vecelsys.html
but it doestn’ put a needle in the skin…and i’m told thats a MUST…there are so many options, i’m getting lost!! what, from those who’ve used 'em, can I get? :confused:

Electronic tweezers are a scam and will not work. You’d get the same results with some $5 regular tweezers. Don’t buy any Vecrot equipment.

If you have that much money to spend, you can get a new or used machine made by a reputable company as listed at our sister site

I would have you call Texas Electrolysis Supply and see about a new unit. as for used, every now and then a good one turns up on Ebay, or electrolysis classifieds at www.hairroute.com Sometimes you can even get an Apilus for $1K to $1,500US from someone who is retiring.