HELP!!! So Cal referral? (James Walker, your advice would be soooo appreciated!)

Hello everyone! I’ve been coming to this board for a while, but this is the first time I’m posting. I’m a 20 year old female who has suffered from excessive facial and body hair since puberty. It’s been devastating to my social life and self esteem. I’ve finally started saving up enough money to start looking for some treatment. I’d be soooo grateful if anyone knows of a good electrologist anywhere near the 626 area code (but I’d be willing to travel a bit) that they could recommend. (James, considering your field, any recommendatins you could make would be wonderful!) Thanks to all.

I am sorry it took so long for me to find your post. Unfortunately, I don’t know who might be good in LA, because I have not had any work done there, and I have not seen the results of anyone’s work there either.

There are some people on this forum who HAVE had work done there, and they should help out by offering some input on this question. I hope you get some feedback soon. If not, just follow our instructions on how to choose an electrologist, and give us your feedback on your results.

Here are a couple of electrolysists I have used in the L.A. area that are good:
MARYS 8344 Beverly Blvd. (323)651-0505
GOODIS MITZI 8471 Melrose Blvd (323)658-785
Janice 421 W. Commonwealth Fullerton (714)526-0313
I am a male and each of the will work on all areas of a man or woman. The difficulty is getting an appointment when you want it as they are so busy; unless you call a week in advance.

Thanks for the replies! I’m so nervous about getting it done right. I don’t want there to be a lot of scarring and pitting and I definitely don’t want to lose what little money I have! I really appreciate the replies and barrester, I’ll start calling the numbers you gave me and see who can help me out best. A number is missing on the good mitzis phone number though, I’ll call 411 and find it. Thanks a lot! I’ll keep you all updated on my experiences. Hopefully I can help someone out on this board one day!

Hi Barrester,

At Mary’s, did you have the electrolysis done by Mary herself, or someone from the staff?

(On the website there are two different price lists and it costs a bit more for Mary.) Thanks!