HELP-RJC2001 and anyone else

RJC2001 I am a bodybuilder too, at least when I am not in my offseason :smile: I am of Irish and Puero Rican descent. I tan easily, but the areas I want hair removed from is pretty light, have not seen sun lately( so is light) and has dark hair - my back/upper shoulders and eventually my chest/ab area. Some of this hair is very coarse, some medium to ligh thickness. I have never had any laser hair removal done and was wondering what type of laser might be best for me. I know its hard since you don’t know me. I live in San Diego, CA and I know of places that have the Aurora and/or light sheer diode. Do you have any idea what may be better for a first timer? Does anybody recommend anyone in the San Diego area?? I am sick of being hairy, but being a teacher, have limited funds. Please help with any thoughts and or experiences.

I have used both the Aurora and the Lightsheer and they both worked very well for me. I do believe the Aurora works better on fine hairs.

Since you are just starting out I may lean toward the Lightsheer since it has a proven track record. It has more power than the Aurora on the optical side but it is hard to make a direct comparison because the Aurora also uses RF energy which the Lightsheer does not have. If your dark skin causes problems with the Lightsheer then I would go with the Aurora. There is definitely less redness and scabbing on dark skin with the Aurora. Test patches would be a good idea before making a decision.

The most important thing though it which practitioner, which one has more experience. Andrea has tips on selecting a practitioner on