Help! Reaction to Waxing

Hi there. I just tried waxing my chest for the first time (I had it professionally done at a salon), and deveoped an extremely annoying rash all over the area soon afterward. I haven’t had the problem with acne breaking out that I have seen complained about; instead, this seems like more of a sheer allergic reaction, with red patches all over my chest which are itchy and generally driving me crazy. The problem is, I REALLY prefer the way my chest looks waxed…I hated my chest hair. Does anyone have any general advice about this, or any suggestions about what I could do to wax in the future without getting such a rash again? Additionally, I also tried shaving the hair on my lower stomach, and–wonderfully–I also have developed a similar itchy red rash there as well. It seems I have pretty sensitive skin, but I would so much prefer it to have the hair on my chest and stomach gone…Once again, is there anyone who has experienced a similar reaction and could offer some advice?
Any help would be greatly appreciated…Thanks!!

If I was always having a rash problem every time I shaved or waxed, I would get the hair off permanently once and for all by electrolysis.

Hiya, have you tried other methods instead of waxing or shaving for example laser treatment or electroylsis? I mean its just an idea but it could work out better for you. If you’d rather stick with shaving, applying aloe vera or tea tree or a mixture of both daily really makes a difference. Other than that i dont know what else to suggest.

Hope it works out,


Hi Brunonian!

It sounds an awful lot like ingrown hair reaction to me. How soon after waxing or shaving does this rash come in?
If it’s a matter of hours then it can’t be ingrown hairs but it sure sounds like it.
If it is a few days then it could be the hairs that were hiding under the surface trying to come out and causing the itchy bumps…in which case you should find a product called Tend Skin or No Bump which exfoliates the hair follicles, keeping them clear of debris and bacteria.
Email me privately for more information.