help!! question

I am at my wits end with facial hair.

i am debating between laser hair removal and electrolysis.

is it possible to treat the entire chin area is one or 2 appointments? how long do you have to wait between appointments?
is tweezing a no-no?
will this eliminate shadowing?

I would greatly appreciate any insight/experience


i’m sorry i just keep thinking of more questions to ask…people on this forum seem so knowledgeable and kind…I value any answers.

does the hair expel immediately after the electrolysis treatment?

I guess I am trying to find out, generally speaking, how long/how many treatments will I need to look “normal” again - no shadowing??


Hi desperate_1

I cannot predict how many treatments you will need for your chin because I don’t have the advantage of seeing you. Even then, we electrologists don’t like to give time parameters because there are too many variables to deal with and we could be left with egg on our face. Generally speaking, with consistent treatments, we need to get through at least three hair growth cycles. That represents at least 9-12 months of treatments. One or two appointments will not end your problem, however, GENERALLY SPEAKING, after 6 or 7 treatments, you will look much better and may not have to do temporary measures to diguise your problem.

In the beginning, you have frequent treatments, perhaps every week or two and then as we gain ground, the time interval between appointments is longer and the session visit is shorter.

No tweezing!!! once electrolysis or laser treatments begin because you disturb the hair growth cycles. Both modalities need a hair to treat, preferably a active growing hair. If the hair is tweezed or waxed, there’s nothing available to kill for weeks. You will prolong your treatments if you interfer with the hair growth cycle, so back off with the tweezers!

I think for an area like the chin, I would consider electrolyis, but do get several consultations for which ever method you choose.


Thank you for the reply Dee.
after reading your many other replies, I was hoping you would reply to mine also, because you seem very knowledgable and caring.
(if only I lived in Ohio!)

I understand that it will be a long term process and I willing to wait it out. I guess my main concern is that I am going out of town soon and was wondering how my progress would look in terms of being obvious that I have a problem.
would it be more concealable than how horrible it looks now. I am curious about the immediate visual results, I suppose.
if that makes sense :confused:

thanks again dee.

How long are you going out of town for? Before I started electrolysis, I had to tweeze my chin every other day. Soon after starting electrolysis i went on vacation for a week and i went for 4-5 days before the hairs started coming in. I didn’t tweeze them, just cut them with a scissor, though you can shave them too.

I think the thick black hairs make the most shadow because you can see their roots under the skin. Once those hairs are removed, no root, so no shadow. (Though any new, growing hairs that are making their way to the surface may be visible.)

</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”> does the hair expel immediately after the electrolysis treatment?
</font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>During treatment. That’s how the electrologist knows if the follicle got zapped enough. If the treatment was successful, the hair slides right out. If the hair stays in, they’ll zap the follicle a second or even third time to kill the sucker.


Thank you for your insight VespaSusie!
It helped a lot. I went for my first treatment today. Afterwards the area was quite red and a bit raised (swollen I guess) and it seems that my skin was a bit flakey (like dry skin). Does that sound normal to you?
I appreciate your opinions greatly! :smile:

I’m not an electrologist, so I can only say how my skin has reacted. Definitely the red and swollen parts. I get that every time. I’ve never had flakey skin. What type of electrolysis are you getting? Blend or Galvanic or Thermolysis (aka Shortwave)? What parts of your body were worked on and for how long?

Also, how do you feel looking at your less hairier self after your first treatment? :smile:


it’s good to hear the experiences of others in the same position, so I thank you for sharing.

I beleive it is a mix of blend and thermolysis
and it is on my chin. I guess I was worked on for about 20 mins today.

I am excited to be doing something permanent about this!! I finally have hope :smile:

thank again!