Help! Question about Diode versus Alexandrite

Hi, I’m a little confused. Please help.

I’ve had several treatements with an Alexandrite GentleLase on my underarms and upper lip. I experienced 90-100% shedding after each treatment, including my first treatment.

I had my lower legs and full bikini lasered with a Soprano Diode 3 weeks ago and have seen very little shedding. Is this normal? I can’t find a comparison between the two different lasers. I called the Laser place and was told little shedding was typical for the first treatment. I don’t get it. Should I be worried?


alexandrites are the most effective lasers, especially the GentleLASE. why did you switch?

Soprano diode is something that one of the chains just started using after switching their contract with another laser company. there have been no reviews about it so far, but its specs are similar to LightSheer. You can get results with a diode, but alexandrites are more powerful and don’t require as much skill on the tech’s part to get you results as the diodes. LightSheer has more adjustable settings for example. But you should be seeing shedding regardless. You might have been undertreated with the diode. Any idea on settings?

I’m not sure what the setting are. I changed because to the Soprano because the GentleLase was causing some pain and hyperpigmentation.

I am going in for a test spot this afternoon, but they don’t want to fully retreat me. I’m ready to raise hell.

I was told that 5% sheding was good for the first treatment, but I find that hard to believe since I’ve had much better results with the GentleLase. Thank God I didn’t pay for it all up front.

I’m not sure if the laser was set high enough because we had a hard time determining if I am type 2 or 3. I hardly ever go outside. I’m pale with dark hair and green eyes.

I ran a Medline search on Alexandrites & Diodes before I went in for my treatment and they seemed equilvalent. The tech who treated me has been with the clinic 6 months.

I’m completely ignorant on this one…would the settings be higher if I’m a type II or type III?


the lighter the skin, the higher you can go. also, settings are not comparable among various machines, i.e. alex and diode. diodes have more options on settings. find out the joules and pulse rate. alex is more effective because of shorter wavelengths. if you can use it, you should be over the diode, but skill of the tech is also very important.

if GentleLASE was causing pigmentation, lowering settings on it would fix the problem. you just have to find a balance. settings that would be equivalent to those used with GentleLASE using the diode would also cause pigmentation. it’s about adjusting the settings.also, would be helpful to know what settings they used with the GentleLASE on you.

also, it SHOULD be painful. effective treatments are painful. the only way to get confortable treatments is to have the settings so low that you would barely see any results. if this wasn’t, then the settings were most likely set too low. 5% shedding answer is an excuse. i’m curious, is this the chain we’re talking about as I suspect?

Yes it is the place you suspect.

I am talking with the manager tomorrow. I cancelled my original appointment because I want to gather data. I’m going to have some test spots done and see if I can talk her into a retreat. If not, I’m going to see if I can move my money to photofacials or velasmooth—neither which I desire, but I suspect I’d at least get some results that way.

I feel like the manager is a Stepford wife. She has memorized responses to every concern I bring up. Unreal!

I’m sure they have a company booklet somewhere with answers they have to memorize before they get hired <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Ok, so I had my follow-up. They wanted me to switch to their Aurora IPL. I said I’d rather not, and I was I told I was refusing treatment. Long story short…I was retreated on the Soprano at 40 joules. They just did my bikini. If I don’t get results with this, they’ll let me switch to photofacials. I was told to be patient. We’ll see…

How does 40 joules sound for a Diode? I’m type II.

40 joules is good if they’re using short pulse and compression for a type II. Let us know how shedding goes in 3 weeks. You are right to reject treatment with Aurora. If you’re not getting results with the Soprano, you definitely won’t get them with the Aurora. Better chance with a diode.

I’ll post an update in 3 weeks. Thanks for all your suggestions and feedback. I’m glad I found this site <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />