HELP!!! Please :)

Hi, I just happened onto your site while looking for hair removal options … looking to see what people said about Forever Free … I get desperate and try those gimics every now and then … hoping something will finally work … here my story in a nutshell … if anyone can help, please let me know.

Ok - always had a little excess hair on my body, but aroung puberty it got BAD … and now I can pretty much grow a full beard, etc. I have to shave, pluck, something at least once a day … suually 2-3x and I knwo what I do is probably making it worse, but I can’t go to work all hairy. I’d literally be a bear rug head to toe if I let it grow. It of course has to be kept in check any tme I want to go anywhere … I never date and have lost a couple people that were “special” to me because of this … more the fear of them finding out, etc … also having to do something about the hair makes me late everywhere … late to work and other things … very troublesome because it makes people think I don’t care enough to be on time.

Parents wouldn’t take me to the doc when I was younger, despite the hair problem, acne, etc and they had the money/insurance to do so … eventually I got old enough and started trying to go myself but it was expensive … got laser done, too, which helped after several treatments, but then grew back after I stopped having treatments because the place i was going to sold their machine. After numerous docs told me nothing was wrong, I finally went to an endocronologist and he said I have too many free T’s (free testosterone), but before he got me totally treated, he moved across the country. I was running out of spare time/money to see docs, so I gave up. I now have a better job and am hoping to try again.

Well … I’ve got plenty of sob stories related to the hair problem making my life difficult, but I suppose all of you have these problems … I just want to know what I should do … should I be concerned about any health complications that are causing this hair problem? Should I try to find another endo (hard to do) and what, if anything, will REALLY get rid of or reduce hair in the meantime? Are there any new/effective treatments? I actaully have tried almost everything … except pills and electrolysis.

Please read the many posts on this site, especially in the thoughts and feelings section, PCOS, and professional electrolysis section.

You should also get two books by Julia Ross, “The Diet Cure”, and “The Mood Cure”. It is possible that the first is all you need to read, but even so, you will find the second book great reading aslo. This is your health we are talking about. You will have to make it your priority to get the best treatment you can obtain. If you have to go to several doctors, then do so.

As for the hair you already have, Professional Electrolysis with a really good practitioner is really the only proven effective route to go for safe, sure results. The problem will be finding someone who is really good.

Find the search link at the top of the page, and use it to search on key words that will take you to posts that answer your questions. You sould also check out our sister site,

Good Luck

PS - Thanks for the book suggestions - I am pretty knowledgeable about nutrition anyway, and I eat much better than some people do, but I am always interested in learning more, especially about how it affects me hormonally.

Thank you again for your quick responce!

Find a doctor who will prescribe Spironolactone. My female GP does. You probably also have oily skin from the high testosterone. It will help with that too. I have been on it for 1 year with no side effects. My face is clear for the first time in my life and the hair is not as bad. Then do electrolosis. Have you tried epilotors? I would do both, but if you still have the high testosterone you won’t have good results. Jen

I haven’t been able to get any docs to give me meds … and now I need a referral to get a new doctor. yeah, I have oily skin and all that … anyhow hanks for the info!

I felt as if I wrote your post when reading it!

Dito on the story. Hair! Hair! and more HAIR!!!
It can get better, Electrolysis works.
What is your location some Electrologist might be looking for someone like you or a wonderful Dr.
It gets better.
I’m married have 2 kids and my husband says I have a proublem with my hair not him. Try not to miss out on life. I know I did for years.

Though I hesitate to recommend this, it does sound like you have a serious problem. You might look at where you can buy spironolactone and proscar without prescription. 200 mg a day of the Spironolactone as well as a 5mg tablet of Proscar or the generic Finpecia will reduce your testosterone levels and might help with the excess hair over time.

I should warn you that there are risks. You MUST get blood work done every few months to check your potassium levels, and well as avoiding foods high in potassium. Also, you may notice sexual side effect. I recommend looking at transsexual-related websites that discuss hormones and body hair. Obviously, you don’t want the estrogen but the anti-androgen part would help.

BTW, don’t let hair ruin your life. I had a friend that was one of the hairest guys ever, but he was just SO attractive and nice and I found him incredibly hot. So, just because you’re hairy doesn’t mean your ugly or people don’t love you.