Hi i have a few inquiries about laser hair removal i have been doing a lot of reading on different websites about Laser hair removal procedure and i was hoping I could get get some answers to some questions i have as i am considering having this procedure done as i have hair on my upper arms, back, shoulders, chest that i would like 2 have removed permanently
i am 21 years old, is my age a concerning factor? will i have laser hair removal procedure done only to have new hairs develop?
From what i have also been reading information suggest that laser hair removal works best on light skin people, my skin tone is tan/brown but the hair i want removed is black, Is anyone else here dark skin toned and has had sucess?
I also have acne scars on my body will this be a major factor?
If you are having any other kind of laser treatment for skin etc will this have any effect on laser hair removal? or vice versa
also is their a high quality laser hair removal centre in sydney, Australia that anyone would recomend?

It depends on how dark you are of course. I am a type IV and have had very good success with the Lightsheer and Aurora systems. I wait for 3 months after boating season for my tan to fade before I get light-based treatments. I would suggest getting some patch tests done with each of those systems to see what happens.

You will probably get some redness swelling and maybe some scabs but that does not mean your skin is going to be permanently damaged.

I do have some darker areas of skin on my upper back and shoulders that have more regrowth compared to my chest and abs. I am going to try the Sciton Nd:YAG laser on those areas since it is supposed to be better on darker skin.

I also believe that some hair follicles run deeper than others and that may explain some of the more stubborn hairs. The Sciton is supposed to penetrate deeper into those follicles and “bypass” the melanin on the surface of the skin.

My last Aurora treatment, with the new handpiece and software that allows 25J (RF) appeared to have removed all of the remaining hair on the inside of my upper arms, but not on the outside of my upper arms. So I will try the Sciton to compare results.