Help Please!!

I have a Braun SilkEpil but it’s a little torture machine, and I end up with red bumps, ingrown hairs and skin so irritated that I can’t even touch. Same happens with wax, even brow waxing is disastrous, my skin peels off too! Hair removal lotions are irritating and smell yuck! I shave every Friday with a new Venus razor blade and Satin Care shaving gel. The first 3 months were great, I never experienced such a close shave with longer lasting results and no irritation, but I don’t know what the heck is going on lately. I start feeling this crazy itch that same night and I scratch so bad that my legs get tiny buy ugly scars. What am I doing wrong? My skin is light brown and I heard laser is not an optionfor me. Is that true?


To try to seperate some items.

Yea, the braun is a great pain machine isn’t it. There are better models out there that work very well.

Nair and veet while they do work well, the smell does brother some people.

I’m a little confused on the red bumps.
Do you get them right away with both waxing and shaving?

The eyebrows sounds like the wax was left on too long.(too soon and no hair, and too long and first layer of skin). Timming is everything, and comes with experience and technique.

If you exfoilate everyday in the shower with a natural sponge or similar your ingrowns will lessen. Rub against the hair for quite a while using soap.

Shaving, with hair conditioner or baby oil should help.

On all cases apply aloe or similar to area after you shave/waxed/epilate. This might also lessen the itch.

Laser/electrosis/other can be done, but you need to do some research on that.

Did I answer all?

Thank you honey, you are a lifesaver!

I’ve been hearing some people say that you can get a better shave with less nicks if you use a hair conditioner instead of shaving cream? What brand/type conditioners would you recommend to use?