Help Please! I think electrolysis burned and scarred my lip


I’ve been getting electrolysis on and off for about 5 years and received treatment on my lip, chin and navel area and have never had a problem. However, a new electrologist treated my lip one time for an hour and it was the most painful session I’ve ever had, even after putting on lidocaine for an hour beforehand, as per her suggestion. I’m not sure exactly what she used, but I held on to a probe and I know she used thermolysis and I get a sense that the needle she used was too big for my lip area. I still have scarring, discoloration and pits on my lip area, even after two months of healing. Is there anything I can do to heal my lip?? Currently, I always put on SPF and have started using adapalene, but I’m feeling really discouraged that my lip will permanently look like this and I’ve never felt more self conscious about my face. I’m open to any suggestions about treatments or products that can help minimize the scarring on my face. Please, please help me.
Side note: Here is a picture two months since the treatment. Also, I went to a new electrologist who is qualified and she told me that my face will likely always have this discoloration and pitting:(

One week post treatment for reference

Hi Camwin. I will let others reply to your post, because I have seen this injury over-and-over and the errors are classics. This sort of injury makes me physically ill and I cannot imagine this happening with all the information our schools are supposed to be offering.

Once again, when an upper lip is being treated … proceed with extreme caution. I mean, what the hell is wrong with taking this “slow and easy?” What’s the big hurry to clear the lip and work for an entire hour? Start slowly, watch the skin, take time for total healing. What? … are the hairs going to hide? Do you have to aggressively attack the client? There is never a problem with “extreme caution” … but the potential for skin damage happens when the electrologist just “goes for it!”

Right now I have about 50 photos of skin damage just like yours … always from treatments that were too damned aggressive. For God’s sake, a woman’s upper lip is the most important part of her face! … Okay, I give up … I wish I had an Ativan right now.


Thank you Bono for confirming to me that this was a huge error on her part. I really appreciate it. The electrologist kept saying this is normal, but I stopped seeing her immediately after this happened. Is there anything I can do to fix/minimize the red dots on my lip?

The “red dots” are perfectly fine: normal healing. Overall, I don’t think you will suffer any obvious skin damage. There might be other difficulties later on, but I don’t want to give you anything more to worry about. What did the electrologist recommend you do to lessen potential problems?

At this point I would try a product with copper peptides. These products are said to stimulate fibroblasts that re-model the collagen layer; and that’s what you need to do for long-term benefits. Your skin is still in the healing stage, so these products will help.

Thanks Bono about the tip about copper peptides; I found some good options. The electrologist didn’t recommend anything whatsoever. She actually wanted to book me another appointment two weeks after the initial damage to my lip. However, after I went to another electrologist and she recommend red light therapy and then making sure that I always wear spf and to wait for the damaged area to heal before it’s treated again.

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