Help please! Electrolysis post


Hi everyone!
I am new to this group so please help me if I am doing something wrong here !
So- I’ve been doing electrolysis for 3 years now (neck) I do go regularly 2-3 weeks for 15 min sessions!
I’m totally okay with this- I feel like I have seen results however no before pictures sadly!
Recently I have been struggling with the appearance of my skin and others have even made comments which is so hurtful and I’m getting very self conscious over this. Here is a picture 1 week post treatment- is this normal to look like this ??
How can I help my skin appearance in between, does my skin need a break, etc.

Thank you so much in advance !


What instructions were you given for aftercare? Have you told your concerns to your electrologist. She may be able to change probes or modality or even the recipe to reduce some of the skin manifestations.

It is possible to remove hair and not have these kind of side effects. You just have to communicate and hope that your practitioner has some other strategies up her sleeve.

There are the rare few clients that have more reactive skin, but honestly, it all heals nicely, regardless. It is worth trying different things to see if these temporary side effects can be tamed somewhat. If she basically says suck it up and you have the choice to see some other local area talent, then give it go to compare.

What modality of electrolysis is he or she using? Blend? Thermolysis? Galvanic?


Honestly, it’s hard to tell from the photos, but that looks like pitting to me. Thats more common with UNDERTREATMENT than it is overtreatment ( strands of wound collogen build up in the repeatedly treated follicle). It’s also consistent with the time frame ( 15 minutes a week for 3 years). If the hairs were not being undertreated, they would be gone by now.


Thank you!
I should have mention that I have been pregnant 3 times during this process lol… so I think she said that does effect what one she can use ?
Would u say continue going to her ? And is putting a permanate thing or temporary?


She had told me to use polysporin for the first couple days then use bio oil.
I should mention to you that I have been pregnant 3 times during this process lol… so I think she mentioned that effects which one she can use ! But I do totally forget.
I will for sure let her know how I’m feeling.
Is there anything I can do about the putting for now or am i stuck with this ? Lol
And would u say it is just temporary or would it be permanent


Pitting is mostly permanent when left alone, which is unfortunate. A lot of people find that laser skin treatments can greatly diminish the appearance of pitting, but I would only suggest you seek these services through a reputable dermatologist.

If your electrologist was clearing the area at each 15 minute appointment, then three years is definitely way beyond the time you should expect for complete hair removal.

Have these marks only appeared recently or have you had them for some time? Is the skin textured abnormally in the treatment area?


I wondered why it’s been taking so long.
Should I try somewhere else ? Or would this be taking sooo long because of pregnancy related hormones ?
Should I try someone else?
And it’s only recently that I’ve been noticing this


I would try someone else, yes.


How long should it take for permanent hair removal and how do I go about finding someone


18-24 months to completion assuming you are getting full clearances with each session, longer if you cant reach that goal. But 3 years without appreciable progress is unacceptable.As for how to find another electrologist, a good start would be to tell us where you are. If we know someone good in your rea, we dont tend to hold that information back. Tht said, we dont have people everywhere,


Would pregnancy hormones effect this ?
She did in between my eyebrow as well as my lip and I noticed a big difference there. She only had to do them a few times then we mainly focused on my chin.
I still wax my brows as well as my lip but the hairs that come back are very fine, light and few hairs. Unlike what it was before.


Hi Cassie,
If your skin is pitting, then absolutely try another Electrologist. Also, have you had a hormone workup? Have thyroid checked as well. She may be under treating your hairs. This would cause you to have to continue going, and possibly cause pitting. If you are continuing to grow hair because of hormonal changes due to pregnancy your doctor should be able to check with testing.


Thank you.
What is a hormonal workup? I will inquire about this to my doctor!


I’m having trouble finding someone!
I don’t know how to look for a good one.
I did see one other lady and she told me electrolysis wouldn’t work for me and thought I did have a hormone issue…
However- I thought it worked for everyone !?


A series of blood tests. If you can, see an endocrinologist as this type of thing is their speciality. I will be on vacation, and unable to see internet for 2 weeks. If you ever want info you can text or call (650)422-8945. I am in Palo Alto, Ca. I will be happy to try and help as soon as I get back. Maybe I can come up with something that others have not. Been doing this for 32 years, and sounds like a combo of too low of a current, and possible hormonal changes from the pictures and your comments. Always best to check hormones, thyroid, and PCOS. PCOS is polycystic overies. That has to be diagnosed with an ultrasound. Probably do not have that as you are getting pregnant easily. Hope that info helps. I know how frustrating this can be. I would insist on an ultrasound for PCOS. The doctors will tell you you do not have PCOS, but you may, and the only way to diagnoses properly is with an ultrasound. If you do, you will be put on a medication that should greatly help with stopping new hair growth.
Hope that helps.