HELP PLEASE!...............ANDREA?


Ive always had a problem with dark hair thanks to my Dads genes. But it likes to grow in one of the worst places for me and thats around my nipples and on my breats. I tried electrolosist but it was tedious and embarrassing cause i had to keep going back and back, and the electrologist would point out something else wrong with me every time. So now Im considering Laser removal. Any helpful thoughts or suggestions would be very appreciated.


You didn’t really say how many times you went to the electrolysist, or how extensive your hair is.

I’ve had a lot of electrolysis, so I can really appreciate how you feel. It is embarrassing, as none of us like our hair, and when you come out and you’re sore, possibly swollen and have ‘just as much showing’ as you had before, it can really get you down.

A good electrolysist is more than a technician - they should be a counsellor, too.
You should leave her feeling good about yourself - not down because she’s just pointed out more areas that need doing!!

One of the girls who does my electrolysis always shows me the hairs she’s removed afterwards. It feels great as even if I look in the mirror and see myself still hairy, I can picture a tissue full of little hairs and I know I’ve got somewhere I just can’t see it yet.

Electrolysis is a slow process, and you have to be patient and tenacious.
If you’ve only had a few hours electrolysis I’d certainly think of finding a different electrolysist as an option. (It does get less embarrassing as you get used to it.)

I’m not sure I’ve really answered your question. Hopefully, you’ll get a few more replies than mine.


I’m a male and I also have had electrolysists that placed the hairs as the were removed on a pad of cotton. This was helpul when they worked in areas thick with hair such as the underarms and pubic area. At the end of a session it wouldnt appear that much progress was made and might discourage one going back if it werent for being able to see all the hairs that had been removed. I would encourage all operators to use that proceedure. It has a great effect on the patient; especially for the first few sessions or untill the area becomes thinned out enough to notice the progress being made without actually seeing the hairs removed

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Sounds like you might have had a less than skilled electrologist, NOMONEY. If you only have a little hair on the breasts to do, you should be able to find someone good who will be more understanding and compassionate.

Mine did that hair-covered gauze thing, too, barrester. I was icky, but it always impressed me at the end of a session.


Barrester, how many treatments did it take to get your chest hair removed? I have some left, not very much, but they have not responded to the laser. They feel like wire when they grow out, so I was xonsidering having electrolysis.



RJC: I can’t recall exactly how many electrolysis treatments I had to remove all of my chest hair for the reason some treatments were 1hr and some were 2hrs and some of the 2hr treatments were actually 4 hours as I had 2 operators working at the same time and some time I would split the time between work on the chest and the pubic area or under arms. If I were to make a guess I would say it took at least 20 hours to get rid of most of the chest hair. I think the underarms went the fastest…maybe because it was less painfull to me.The more places on my body that I had the hair permanently removed the more I enjoyed life and most gfs felt the same way. The real benefit of electrolysis is that you can get it done in half hour segments and only as often as you can afford it. I had such an obsession to get it over with once I started that I began putting it on my credit card. If you asked me which area I would choose to have done first if money is tight that would be a difficult decision. When at the beach the hairless chest and underarms are great.When at night with a gf the hairless pubic area is great.Bottom line is that all areas are great when smooth…its money well spent which will give you more satisfaction that most other things you can spend money on.


20 hours isn’t too bad if electrolysis was your primary hair removal method. I have had laser done so there is not very much chest hair left, but I want it all gone. The white hairs that remain feel like wires if I let them grow out.
I work out with weights and I like the muscular definition that being totally hairless provides, not to mention the comfort.

My strategy is to concentrate on a few body parts at a time before I move on to new areas. I am definitely considering having the pubic area done eventually.

I also agree with what you said in an earlier post that people should get the hair removed while they are young. That would especially apply to anyone considering laser hair removal. As one gets older, even in the 30s, some hairs are going to turn light in color and will not respond to the laser. Better to zap em while they are still dark. Less that has to be done with electrolysis so treatment could be completed in less time.

That is a great idea to have two technicians work on you at the same time. Very efficient even if it does cost more.