help!! one touch

i just got a one touch, but i dont know how to use it exactly.
i think mine doesnt work because i dont feel any.
i dont get any burn even if high setting. touch is supposed to beep when its working?

2.when i insert needle, should i keep my finger off the metal band? can you tell me order, too?

3.when i insert needle, the needle is supposed to go into pore in the skin, but the needle goes back into the unit(machine).have you had this before?

  1. how you guys know the battery is dead or not?
    there are no mater. also how can i turn it off?
    dial setting 0?? that’s it?

thank you for reading. i’m not english speaker.
i had already read every topics, but kind of hard to understand it. please write something for me!!

There are some hints at

  1. My unit never had sound, so I can not comment.

  2. Keeping your finger off the band keeps the circuit open (off) until you have properly inserted the probe, then you complete the circuit by touching the band.

  3. If the needle retracts into the unit, then you do not have a successful insertion into the pore. Keep aiming and trying different angles and don’t complete the circuit until the probe goes down the follicle.

  4. When you are doing successful treatments, you will feel various ranges of tingling. When you feel no tingling, it may be due to a dead battery. You can always check the battery with a volt meter. Also, you can insert an amp meter into the circuit (as described in the web site) to monitor the current you are treating with, but this requires some modifications to the unit. Setting 0 is NOT off, it is just the lowest setting, usually about 10K ohms of resistance as compared to no resistance at the highest setting. When the unit is not being used, it is automatically off as there is no complete circuit.

If you don’t feel anything at the highest setting, you are most likely not completing the circuit; your finger must be wet with salty water to achieve an adequate electrical contact with the band. You may also have a defective unit as the wires are quite thin and easily damaged: check the voltage with a volt meter between the probe and the band (should be about 9 volts) to verify. Meters are not expensive or complicated.

thank you!!!
i tried and i did it!! it start to work.
it is kind of hard. i need to practice more.


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